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Introducing GoCharlie AI: The Ultimate Marketing Assistant

Embracing the Changing World of AI

The world is evolving at a rapid pace, and the field of generative AI, particularly large language models, is driving this transformation. As marketing and copywriting become increasingly competitive, businesses must leverage AI to gain an edge. However, simply using the same AI models as everyone else will yield similar results. To succeed in this brave new world, you need a distinct advantage. This realization led the team at GoCharlie to embark on a mission to develop a specialized AI model specifically tailored for marketing.

Meet Charlie: Creative, Highly Adaptable, Responsive Language Intelligence Aid

With great excitement, we introduce «Charlie» — a one billion parameter Transformer model designed to revolutionize marketing content generation. Charlie, an acronym for Creative, Highly Adaptable, Responsive Language Intelligence Aid, is not just another large language model created by tech giants like Google or Microsoft. Instead, Charlie is a small language model trained exclusively for generating marketing content, including social media posts, sales emails, blogs, website copy, video transcripts, and product descriptions. The goal is to empower businesses to create exceptional content that outperforms competitors.

The Power of Specialization

At GoCharlie, we believe in the power of specialization. By training Charlie as a dedicated marketing model, we ensure unparalleled expertise and quality. While a generic AI model may handle various tasks adequately, being the best necessitates specialization. Charlie's sole focus on marketing content empowers businesses to produce exceptional outputs and elevate their brand's voice.

Unleashing the Potential: Customization and Efficiency

To achieve the highest levels of performance and cater to individual brands, GoCharlie provides full control over Charlie's development and customization. Unlike models tied to large corporations, Charlie breaks free from restrictions such as speed limits, request limits, or usage limitations. GoCharlie's vision is to adapt Charlie to your brand, your voice, and all your content, allowing for a seamless integration of your unique identity. Furthermore, Charlie's optimized performance comes at a low cost, enabling businesses to benefit from higher quality outputs while saving resources.

A Glimpse into the Future: Advancements and Possibilities

Charlie's journey has only just begun. GoCharlie envisions expanding Charlie's capabilities to create comprehensive campaigns worth of content within seconds. The ultimate goal is to generate final drafts that require no further editing, ensuring perfection right from the start. Looking ahead, GoCharlie plans to establish research partnerships to enhance Charlie's capabilities. These collaborations will enable Charlie to ingest and generate images, opening up a multi-modal experience. Additionally, GoCharlie is exploring advanced cognitive capabilities, such as a belief desire intention system, to influence audience behavior effectively.

Collaborating for Success

GoCharlie understands that building an exceptional AI model requires collective efforts. To ensure Charlie's success, GoCharlie is finalizing partnerships with industry leaders, including xrc labs in New York City, Alchemist accelerator in San Francisco, and SRI International, the Venture lab behind Siri. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey by signing up for the waitlist for our private beta program. As early supporters, you'll have the opportunity to shape Charlie's development, ensuring maximum value for marketers by marketers.



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