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Using BLACKBOX for Inline Code Suggestions

When working on code, it's always helpful to have a tool that can suggest the next line of code for you. This is where BLACKBOX comes in handy. In this video, we see how BLACKBOX can be enabled to provide inline code suggestions.


To enable BLACKBOX, all you need to do is hit enter and it will give you the next suggestion inline. You can accept the suggestion by hitting tab or reject it by hitting Escape.


Once you have enabled BLACKBOX, it will automatically provide suggestions as you work on your code. In the video, we see a simple comment being written, and as soon as the user hits enter, BLACKBOX provides the next suggestion inline. This process can be repeated for as long as you need it.


BLACKBOX is a powerful tool that can help speed up the coding process by providing inline suggestions. It's easy to enable and use, making it a great addition to any developer's toolkit.



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