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Harness the Power of AI Voice Generation with ElevenLabs: A Step-by-Step Guide


In the era of Artificial Intelligence, several tools can optimize your workflow, save you time, and boost your productivity. One such tool is the AI voice generator. This article offers a detailed guide on generating realistic AI voices with ElevenLabs — a remarkable platform where you can create voiceovers, voice assistants, narrations, and much more.

Getting Started with ElevenLabs

Create an Account

Your journey with ElevenLabs begins with creating an account. Upon navigating to the platform, you will find a «Sign Up» button to register. After successful registration, you will access the user dashboard that offers various options for AI voice generation.

Creating Your First Project

On the user dashboard, click on the «Create New Project» button to initiate your voice generation process. In this project, you can select the text you want to convert into an AI voice. Furthermore, you can adjust the speed, tone, and several other options according to your needs.

Generation of AI Voice

Pasting Your Script

For generating an AI voice, paste your chosen script into the designated field. ElevenLabs provides several pre-made voices for you to select from. This feature allows you to create a unique voice tailored to your project's requirements.

Voice Setting Tab

The Voice Setting tab allows you to tweak various parameters for your AI voice. Two language models are available. The first model allows you to generate AI voices in English only. In contrast, the second model enables AI voice generation in eight different languages, offering a broader range of options for users.

Generating the AI Voice

Once you have adjusted your settings to satisfaction, press the «Generate» button to create the AI voice. Your AI voice will then be processed and ready for use.

Downloading the AI Voice

After you've successfully generated your AI voice, you can download it for use. Navigate to the «History» tab, where you'll find a list of your generated AI voices. Select your preferred one and simply download it.


ElevenLabs is a powerful tool for generating AI voices, providing an efficient way to create voiceovers, voice assistants, and narrations. This step-by-step guide aims to get you started on your journey with this revolutionary tool. Should you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out for assistance. Join us in harnessing the power of AI for a more efficient and productive workflow.


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