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Automate Your Coding Tasks with Bito CLI My Prompt: Learn How to Generate Test Data in seconds!

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How to Use Bito to Generate Test Data

If you're developing an application that uses a database or data store, you will likely need test data to ensure your code works correctly. This is where Bito comes in handy. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Bito to generate test data.

Creating a SQL File

Before we can generate test data, we need a SQL file that defines the tables we want to generate data for. In the example used in the video, the SQL file creates a database with three tables.

Creating a Test Data Prompt

Next, we need to create a test data prompt. This prompt will generate a SQL file containing 10 test records for each table in the database. To create the prompt, simply write a statement that reflects this requirement.

Running the Test Data Prompt

With the prompt created, we can run it in Bito by specifying the SQL file as input and the test data prompt as the command. Bito will generate the test data and save it to a SQL file.

Regenerating Test Data

If you need to generate new test data, simply run the same command again or increase the number of records to generate. You can select whichever test data you like and use it for testing.


With Bito, generating test data is quick and easy. By following these simple steps, you can create test data that you can use with your application's database or data store.



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