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Announcing AskFred: ChatGPT for Meetings

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In this video Unveils New «AskFred» Beta: Revolutionizing Meeting Insights, a leading innovator in AI-driven meeting insights, is excited to announce the broader rollout of its newest feature, «AskFred.» This chatbot-like feature, developed to enrich your understanding of meetings, has been released following intensive development and a successful beta phase.

Introducing «AskFred»: A New Way to Understand Meetings

«AskFred» is a feature designed to give you a better understanding of your meetings without the need to trawl through hours of transcripts or recordings. This AI-driven tool enables users to ask specific questions about meeting content and receive concise, accurate summaries in response.

Streamlining Meeting Insights

Once activated, «AskFred» becomes accessible within your meeting notes on the notebook. From here, you can engage Fred with questions about your meeting, streamlining the process of understanding and actioning meeting content.

Unleashing «Fred’s» Capabilities

In addition to providing meeting insights, «AskFred» can perform a range of tasks. From drafting emails based on meeting content to brainstorming blog ideas, Fred promises to become an invaluable assistant in managing and leveraging meeting information.

Broadening Your Understanding with «Fred»

«AskFred» goes beyond just meeting insights, offering a general tab for questions and discussions that go beyond the meeting context, similar to chat GPT capabilities.

The Power of AI Credits

The use of «AskFred» is powered by AI credits, with each prompt or question counted as a single credit. To help users maximize the use of «AskFred,» offers a comprehensive guide on best practices for asking questions, ensuring users obtain the most valuable information.

Future Extensions and Capabilities

This broader rollout of «AskFred» is just the beginning. Future updates will include more specific customization options for meeting notes, enabling users to pull out specific topics or types of information.

Pioneering Affordable, AI-Driven Meeting Insights is committed to democratizing access to cutting-edge meeting insights. The launch of «AskFred» promises to change the way you engage with your meetings, driving productivity and enhancing your understanding of meeting content. Try «AskFred» today and experience the future of AI-driven meeting insights.


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