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Creating a Unified Creative Look with Colourlab AI

In the post-production process, one of the critical steps in achieving a cohesive and visually stunning project is applying a consistent creative look. However, this can be a complex task that typically requires separate effects or adjustment layers. Colourlab AI offers a solution to this common challenge, streamlining the process and making it easier to achieve a unified creative look across all shots.

The Challenge of Creating a Creative Look

When applying a creative look to a scene, such as the popular orange and teal aesthetic, the process can interfere with the matching across all shots. Traditional methods often require the use of adjustment layers or shared nodes, which can complicate the workflow and lead to inconsistencies. The key to applying a creative look effectively is to ensure that it does not disrupt the exposure, balance, and matching of the shots.

The Solution: Colourlab AI's Look Designer

Colourlab AI's Look Designer addresses this challenge by allowing users to apply creative effects after handling exposure, balance, and matching. This innovative tool integrates seamlessly into the workflow, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments without disrupting the matching across all shots.

Exploring the Look Designer

The Look Designer offers an array of adjustable settings to craft the desired aesthetic for your project. Users can select from various stock looks and adjust post contrast to achieve the desired creative look. The ability to adjust these settings in real-time facilitates experimentation and iteration, enabling users to find the perfect look for their project.

Applying the Creative Look to the Entire Scene

Once a satisfactory creative look has been achieved, users can effortlessly apply it to the entire scene. This process, which Colourlab AI refers to as copying and pasting the show look, ensures a consistent aesthetic across all shots. The application of the creative look would be impossible without first separating it from the exposure, chrominance, and matching corrections.


Colourlab AI simplifies the process of applying a unified creative look across all shots in a scene. By separating the creative look application from the exposure, balance, and matching corrections, Colourlab AI streamlines the post-production workflow and ensures a cohesive and visually appealing project.



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