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Mastering the Basics of Color with Colourlab AI

In the world of video editing, understanding the basics of color correction and grading is essential. Colourlab AI provides a comprehensive set of tools that can be found in most editing applications, offering a familiar and accessible environment for all users. This article delves into the core principles of color correction using Colourlab AI.

Exploring the Features of Colourlab AI

Colourlab AI provides an array of robust tools located on the bottom left of the screen, including color wheels, also known as lift, gamma, and gain controls. While not all applications possess advanced features like pivot with contrast, they commonly include saturation controls and temperature controls.

Scope Tools

On the right side, you'll find various Scopes, an essential feature for color grading. The available Scopes include the waveform, an overlay waveform, the RGB parade, and the vectorscope, which measures the vector of color. Unique to Colourlab AI is a specialized tool explored during exposure adjustments.

Understanding the Importance of Color Basics

The shots used in Colourlab AI are typically logarithmically handled, necessitating color correction for optimal viewing. By mastering color basics, users can effectively guide the AI's assistance to yield the best results.

Sequential Steps in Color Correction

The process of color correction follows a specific sequence, starting with handling exposure, followed by balancing the color of the shot. Only then can matching and setting a creative look be accomplished. Without the first two steps, matching and creating a cohesive look become challenging.

Using Versions for Comparison

Colourlab AI features a version system, allowing users to store and compare different stages of color correction. This feature ensures a consistent workflow and provides a visual reference throughout the process.

Utilizing Colourlab AI's Built-In Tools

Colourlab AI's built-in tools enable users to handle exposure and balance, match shots, and apply a creative look quickly and easily. Users can choose from various models to auto color their shots and adjust contrast and saturation as needed. After matching all shots in a scene, users can then apply a creative look to the entire scene.


Colourlab AI's robust set of tools and user-friendly interface make mastering the basics of color correction accessible and straightforward. By understanding and implementing the sequence of exposure handling, balancing, matching, and setting a creative look, users can create visually cohesive and striking video content.



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