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Boost productivity and streamline browsing with writeGPT. Harness the power of ChatGPT on any website for assisted prompt writing, content creation, and consumption

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About writeGPT

Meet writeGPT, the ultimate web extension that harnesses the power of Chat GPT to make your browsing experience more productive and efficient. With writeGPT, you can streamline browsing, automate emails, summarize articles, research faster, rewrite content, review code, and translate on the spot. Let's explore its key features and benefits.

Streamline Browsing:

Internet browsing can be time-consuming and frustrating. With writeGPT, you can break unproductive browsing habits by accessing a variety of functions on any website. No more switching tabs or checking multiple websites to find a simple answer. writeGPT is your one-stop solution for all your browsing needs.

Automate Emails:

Do you spend too much time writing and replying to emails? writeGPT can help you get inbox-free in the fastest way possible. With just a few clicks, you can customize your prompt and generate the best email response.

Summarize Articles:

Reading and consuming comprehensive content such as articles, official documents, white-papers, research papers can be overwhelming and time-intensive. With writeGPT, you can summarize any content to save precious time.

Research Faster:

writeGPT proposes a paradigm shift in the way we research and learn new concepts. You don't have to switch tabs or websites whenever you have a question about something you're reading about. With just a few clicks, you can find the answer to your question and customize the prompt based on your preferences in terms of explanations and learning.

Rewrite Content:

Creating new content from existing sources has never been easier with writeGPT. You can customize your prompt by adding styles, tones of voice, and any other specific details to generate unique content. This is a perfect instrument for marketing and business purposes to scale your content creation from your favorite publications, creators, or even competitors.

Review Code:

For technical people and processes, writeGPT can be used to provide code snippets and example code, as well as provide answers to coding-related questions. It can also be used to provide debugging help and advice on coding best practices.

Translate on the Spot:

Reading and understanding a new language is not that easy, especially when you have to go to another site to translate everything. That's highly unproductive and a frustrating user experience. With writeGPT, you can directly activate the extension and select the language you want to get the translation.


In summary, writeGPT is a powerful and versatile web extension that harnesses the power of Chat GPT to make your browsing experience more productive and efficient. Whether you are a content creator, researcher, coder, or language learner, writeGPT has something to offer. Try it out and experience the power of prompt engineering on any website.

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