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Unlock the full potential of YouTube videos with YouTube Assistant, an AI-driven Chrome extension that summarizes, rewrites, and answers queries directly from video content

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About Youtube Assistant

Maximize the value of your YouTube viewing with YouTube Assistant, a cutting-edge Chrome extension powered by AI, designed to provide unparalleled insights and information about the videos you watch. Upgrade your video experience today!

Features: Empower Your Viewing with YouTube Assistant

AI-Powered Video Analysis

Unlock in-depth information about any YouTube video with the help of advanced AI technology, offering a comprehensive understanding of the content you consume.

Video Summarization

Save time and grasp the essence of any video with concise and accurate summaries generated by YouTube Assistant's AI algorithms.

Rewriting Capabilities

Transform video content into rewritten text, making it easier to understand, share, or cite the information found within the video.

Direct Video Answers

Effortlessly obtain answers to your questions directly from YouTube videos, enabling a more interactive and engaging viewing experience.

Benefits of YouTube Assistant: Unlock the Full Potential of Videos


Minimize the time spent watching lengthy videos by quickly accessing the essential information and insights with YouTube Assistant.

Enhanced Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of video content through AI-generated summaries, rewrites, and direct answers to your questions.

Convenient Integration

Easily install the YouTube Assistant Chrome extension and enjoy a seamless integration with your YouTube browsing experience.

YouTube Assistant in Action: Applications for Every User

Students and Learners

Efficiently absorb knowledge from educational videos and access summarized information for quick revision or note-taking purposes.


Stay informed on industry news, trends, and developments by extracting key insights from videos without having to watch them in their entirety.

Content Creators

Analyze and understand the success factors of popular videos to improve your own content creation and optimize your channel for growth.

Discover the power of YouTube Assistant and revolutionize your YouTube viewing experience with this AI-driven Chrome extension. Get the most out of every video and enhance your understanding with YouTube Assistant.

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Pricing options

  • $10


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