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Workist utilizes AI to automate B2B order processing, reducing errors, streamlining workflows, and optimizing communication between businesses

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About Workist

Workist: Revolutionizing Order Processing with AI

In the fast-paced world of B2B transactions, efficient and accurate order processing is critical to success. Workist leverages artificial intelligence to automate order processing, enabling seamless integration and information exchange between business customers, distributors, and suppliers.

Save Time and Reduce Costs with Workist

Workist's AI-driven platform boasts exceptional document understanding, thanks to the learning experience from over 1 million successfully processed documents. This allows for unparalleled automation rates, significantly reducing the time and cost required for order processing.

Optimize Your Processes with Workist

Simple and Seamless Integration

Experience positive ROI from day one with Workist's lightning-fast integration into existing processes. As an end-to-end solution, Workist is compatible with all common ERP systems using state-of-the-art EDI technology.

Increase Output Quality and Minimize Errors

Say goodbye to transmission errors with Workist. Its master data matching feature can detect and process even incorrect orders, resulting in a minimized error rate, more satisfied employees, and more time for customer service.

Real-World Success Stories with Workist

Order Confirmation at Contorion

Discover how Contorion saved 40 hours per week for their Customer Service department, freeing up 3 hours per week for each team member by automating their order confirmation process with Workist.

Automated Order Entry at APD

Learn how APD Schlauchtechnik was able to meet its strong growth demands by automating order entry with Workist.

Four Steps to Automation with Workist

  1. Forward to Workist: Forward incoming order documents in various formats (PDFs, Excel files, plain-text emails) to Workist.
  2. Extract the Data: Workist uses AI to recognize patterns and layouts, extracting all relevant data from the document.
  3. Validate the Data: Workist validates the extracted information with your master data to ensure accurate extraction.
  4. Transfer to ERP System: Workist's data output can be easily transferred to any ERP or CRM system through standard connections like EDI or API.

Meet Workist's AI Agent, WorKI

WorKI, Workist's AI agent, automates the processing of incoming purchase orders, eliminating manual document entry. It extracts, validates, and processes all incoming orders with minimal support from your sales team. Workist also provides a Workbench Dashboard, allowing your team to assist WorKI whenever it's uncertain about data points.

Conclusion: Transform Your Business with Workist

Workist's AI-driven platform revolutionizes order processing by automating B2B transactions and enhancing communication between businesses. With its seamless integration, reduced errors, and streamlined workflows, Workist is the ultimate solution for optimizing your order processing and boosting overall efficiency. Embrace the power of Workist and transform your business today.

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