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Wonder Dynamics

Effortlessly integrate CG characters into live-action scenes with Wonder Studio. Streamline your VFX workflow and unlock your creativity with AI

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About Wonder Dynamics

Wonder Studio: Revolutionizing Visual Effects with AI Integration

The visual effects industry has taken a giant leap forward with Wonder Studio's groundbreaking technology. This innovative platform has brought forth a novel way to seamlessly integrate Computer Generated (CG) characters into live-action scenes, transforming the process of creating stunning visual effects.

Introduction to Wonder Studio

Wonder Studio is a revolutionary platform designed to automate the animation, lighting, and composition of CG characters in live-action scenes. It leverages advanced AI technology to streamline the workflow, eliminating the need for complex software, expensive hardware, or extensive motion capture systems.

How Does Wonder Studio Work?

The process of using Wonder Studio is remarkably simple. Users just need to upload their CG character model to a single shot or an entire scene. Wonder Studio then detects cuts and tracks the actor throughout the sequence. Based on single-camera footage, the system identifies the actor's performance and transfers it to your chosen CG character, resulting in an automatic animation, lighting, and composition process that makes visual effects work effortless.

Features of Wonder Studio

Integration with Existing Pipeline

One of the key strengths of Wonder Studio is its ability to integrate seamlessly with the existing pipeline. The AI system can automate 80%-90% of the «objective» VFX work, allowing artists to focus on the «subjective» tasks. Users can then export their work to the software they already use, further streamlining the production process.

Simplified Export Process

Wonder Studio is equipped with a simplified export process. This feature enables easy export of individual elements such as motion capture, character passes, alpha masks, clean plates, camera tracks, and more, providing users with greater control over their creations.

Accessible for All Skill Levels

Wonder Studio has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it accessible to all skill levels. By removing the need for complex 3D software and reducing steep learning curves, the platform democratizes the creation of high-quality VFX.

Creation of Immersive Sci-fi Worlds

With Wonder Studio, users can assign multiple characters to bring their vision to life. It offers the opportunity to create immersive Sci-fi worlds and lets the AI handle the heavy lifting, allowing users to focus on the art of creative storytelling.

Dynamic Camera and Lighting Options

Challenging VFX shots are a thing of the past with Wonder Studio's dynamic camera and lighting options. These features allow users to seamlessly blend stylized characters into any live-action scene, adding depth and dynamism to their projects.

Unique Style Expression

Wonder Studio provides users with the opportunity to express their unique style. They can upload their own 3D model or choose from a variety of free characters from the artist community, offering an avenue for creativity and individuality.


With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Wonder Studio is revolutionizing the visual effects industry. It's transforming the way CG characters are integrated into live-action scenes, simplifying the process and making high-quality VFX accessible to all. Whether you're a professional animator or an amateur video creator, Wonder Studio empowers you to streamline your workflow, unlock your creativity, and bring your vision to life with ease. Experience the future of visual effects with Wonder Studio.

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Pricing options

  • $16
  • $84


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