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Discover Waitroom, the video meeting solution designed to boost focus, accountability, and productivity. Eliminate distractions, improve communication, and save time – try Waitroom now!

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About Waitroom

Transform the way you conduct meetings with Waitroom, a video meeting platform designed to increase focus, accountability, and productivity. Say goodbye to distractions and wasted time, and notice the difference in your team's efficiency and collaboration.

Key Features and Benefits of Waitroom

Streamline Collaboration in Large Meetings

Waitroom makes it easy to maintain order and achieve results by adding structure and focus, even in large meetings with dozens of contributors.

Combat Meeting Fatigue and Strengthen Focus

Eliminate Zoom fatigue with Waitroom's queue and timer format. No more talking over each other, distractions, or pointless waffling. Create a distraction-free and efficient meeting environment.

Receive Better Feedback and Make Better Decisions

Master the art of getting meaningful feedback by tapping into your team’s full capacity, rather than just a few people dominating the conversation, for ultimately better results.

Improve Your Team's Communication Skills

Waitroom helps everyone express themselves concisely and confidently, fostering trust and respect for others' opinions. Developing these skills has a positive impact on one's daily life.

How Waitroom Enhances Your Meeting Experience

Waitroom sets itself apart from other meeting platforms with its innovative features:

  • Timed slots with a queue, ensuring equal opportunity to contribute
  • Focus on one topic at a time for improved brevity
  • Interruption-free speaking, building confidence
  • Brief chime-ins when needed for contributions
  • Emoji reactions to indicate sentiment
  • Alleviates meeting fatigue by avoiding waffling
  • Shines a spotlight on the core discussion to end meetings on time

Get Started with Waitroom

  1. Sign up to host: Create your free account in seconds and get ready to upgrade the way you meet.
  2. Invite your team: Schedule your first meeting in minutes and invite guests on Waitroom or with our Google Calendar integration.
  3. Try it for free: Don't wait! Take advantage of Waitroom while it's still free. Sign up is effortless!

Experience a new level of focus, efficiency, and collaboration with Waitroom — the ultimate video meeting solution. Improve your team's productivity and communication skills, and save time on meetings with Waitroom. Try it today and revolutionize the way you work.

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Pricing options

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