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Discover VoiceType, the AI email assistant that drafts emails in seconds using just your voice. Save time, reduce errors, and improve your productivity today!

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About VoiceType

Introducing VoiceType: The AI-Powered Email Assistant

Say Goodbye to Tedious Email Writing

VoiceType is the revolutionary AI-powered email assistant that allows you to quickly and efficiently compose emails using just your voice. By leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms, VoiceType can draft entire emails based on a simple voice prompt. With this innovative tool, you can increase your productivity, reduce typing errors, and focus on your thoughts and ideas rather than the mechanics of typing.

How VoiceType Works

Speaking, Not Dictating

VoiceType is a tiny Chrome-browser extension that integrates seamlessly into your Gmail account. When you hit Compose or Reply, simply click on VoiceType to activate the microphone and describe, fluently or not, what you'd like to write or reply. You don't have to use any specific words or phrases, and you can take your time to provide the necessary context and details.

Contextual Replies

VoiceType is designed to understand the context of your email thread, meaning you don't have to narrate your entire email history. Just say what you'd like to reply, and VoiceType will tailor the response to the existing email thread.

Exceptional Writing

VoiceType ensures that your emails are always grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. The AI-powered tool produces clear, concise, and professional emails, allowing you to make the best impression every time.

Speech Recognition

VoiceType's advanced speech recognition system can understand your voice, even if English is not your native language or you speak with an accent. As long as you can describe what you'd like to write, VoiceType can help.

Benefits of VoiceType

Increased Productivity

VoiceType allows you to draft emails in seconds, significantly reducing the time spent on email composition. By dictating your messages, you can simultaneously work on other tasks, making your workday more efficient and productive.

Improved Communication

With VoiceType, you can focus on conveying your thoughts and ideas rather than the mechanics of typing. This can lead to clearer and more effective communication, as you can speak naturally and let VoiceType take care of the rest.


VoiceType is an excellent tool for individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments, as it enables them to communicate effectively via email without the need for typing. By using voice prompts, users can draft emails quickly and easily, regardless of their physical abilities.


VoiceType is the AI email assistant that is transforming the way we communicate in the digital age. With its advanced NLP and machine learning capabilities, VoiceType offers a faster, more efficient, and collaborative way to use email as a communication tool. Whether you're a busy professional looking to increase productivity or someone who prefers to communicate verbally, VoiceType is the ideal solution to streamline your email writing process. Try VoiceType today and experience the future of email communication.

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