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Boost your vegan business or charity with VEG-3, the AI marketing assistant designed to create effective marketing campaigns while promoting animal rights

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About VEG-3

VEG-3: The AI-Powered Marketing Assistant for Vegan Businesses and Charities

Elevate your vegan business or animal rights charity with VEG-3, an AI-driven marketing assistant that helps create impactful marketing campaigns while advocating for animal rights. Discover the power of ethical AI-driven marketing solutions.

Advanced AI Capabilities for Ethical Marketing

VEG-3 understands the principles of veganism and the importance of ethical marketing, enabling it to create intelligent marketing copy optimized for your objectives. With a range of AI-driven features, VEG-3 is the ultimate marketing tool for vegan businesses and charities.

Stock Photos and Image Generation

Access a library of AI-generated, royalty-free stock photos or train an AI model to turn your text-based ideas into eye-catching images for social media posts and advertisements.

Text-to-Speech and AI Voice-overs

Utilize AI-generated voice-overs for your marketing campaigns, ensuring a consistent and professional tone across all platforms.

Ad Spend Optimization

Automatically adjust ad spend on the best-performing advertising campaigns and turn off poor performers with VEG-3's AI-driven optimization.

Background Removal and 3D Rendering

Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images or generate three-dimensional objects using AI-powered technology.

Personalized Cold Email Opening Lines

Generate personalized opening lines for cold emails based on website or LinkedIn URLs, increasing the effectiveness of your outreach.

AI Spokespeople and Musicians

Create AI-generated spokespeople to read your scripts or use AI-generated backing tracks and jingles for your marketing campaigns.

Social Media and Email Timing Optimization

Predict the best times to post on social media or send marketing emails with VEG



Train and Refine Your AI Marketing Assistant

Improve VEG-3's performance over time by upvoting or downvoting its responses, tailoring the AI to your unique needs and preferences.

Free Plan with Generous Monthly Credits

Experience the benefits of VEG-3 with a generous free plan that includes 5,000 monthly credits, allowing you to generate over 3,000 words of marketing copy.

Enhance your vegan business or charity's marketing efforts with VEG-3, the AI-powered marketing assistant committed to promoting animal rights and ethical marketing practices. Elevate your marketing game while staying true to your values.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $15
  • $75
  • $325


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