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Revolutionize your browsing experience with Upstream, an AI-driven Chrome extension enabling efficient and personalized chatbot creation

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About Upstream

Introducing Upstream

In the expanding universe of AI-driven solutions, Upstream emerges as a powerful Chrome extension that allows users to create personalized chatbots using the cutting-edge GPT technology from OpenAI. It simplifies the way users browse the internet, eliminating distractions and offering a streamlined, noise-free web experience.

Exploring Upstream's Features

AI-Powered Chatbot Builder

One of Upstream's main features is its capability to create intelligent chatbots powered by ChatGPT. With a few clicks, users can build a chatbot that answers questions about their business, providing valuable insights and assistance to their audience.

Running GPT within Chrome

Upstream integrates GPT technology within your Chrome browser. By executing an Upstream instruction, users can get precisely the information they need, cutting through the clutter of the internet.

The Benefits of Using Upstream

Upstream's innovative approach to web browsing brings with it a plethora of advantages.

Enhanced Browsing Experience

With Upstream, users are no longer subjected to the bombardment of ads and irrelevant content. The extension allows them to navigate through the digital realm without distractions, enhancing productivity and focus.

Improved Business Interactions

For business owners, Upstream's chatbot creation feature offers a chance to improve customer service and engagement. An AI-powered chatbot can provide instant, reliable responses to queries, boosting customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Seamless Integration

As a Chrome extension, Upstream is incredibly easy to install and use. Its seamless integration with the browser ensures users can start benefiting from its features without any major changes to their existing browsing habits.

Upstream in Action

From small businesses to large corporations, Upstream's application scope is extensive. Any organization seeking to improve its online customer service, or any individual looking for a more streamlined web browsing experience, can find value in Upstream. Its capacity to provide immediate, contextually correct information saves users time and eliminates frustration commonly associated with online information search.


In an increasingly digital world, Upstream offers a transformative approach to web browsing. Its user-friendly design, combined with the power of AI, make it a game-changer for both businesses and individual users. With Upstream, the future of focused, productive web browsing, and efficient business interactions is here. Embrace the power of AI with Upstream and redefine your browsing experience.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $24
  • $49
  • $119


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