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Supercharge your data team with Turntable's AI-based collaborative platform for creating and managing efficient data pipelines

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About Turntable

Turntable: Revolutionizing Data Management with AI-Powered Data Pipelines

In an era defined by data-driven decisions, managing data pipelines is a critical task for any organization. Turntable, an AI-driven platform, revolutionizes data management by offering a collaborative way to create and manage data pipelines.

Supercharging Your Data Team with Turntable

Turntable is designed to enhance the capabilities of your data team. It provides an AI copilot that makes coding recommendations and writes first drafts of schema files and documentation. This built-in AI assistance accelerates the development and management of data pipelines, thus supercharging your data team's productivity.

New Ways to Build Your Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

With Turntable, you can take advantage of novel ways to build your DAG. The platform allows for inline querying and one-click Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Even drafting your dbt code becomes easier, as you can do it first in a notebook.

Enhancing Collaboration in Real-Time

Why should data teams be left behind in the era of real-time collaboration? Turntable enables your data team to collaborate in real-time, much like other departments in your company use their core tools. This real-time collaboration capability significantly enhances the efficiency of your data management process.

Gaining a Comprehensive View

Managing data pipelines isn't just about creating them. It's also about having an end-to-end view of your data lineage and documentation. With Turntable, you can easily view and search end-to-end lineage and documentation without having to switch to a different tool. This bird’s eye view provides valuable insights and streamlines your data management process.


In conclusion, Turntable is an AI-powered platform that transforms the way organizations create and manage their data pipelines. With features like a built-in AI copilot, innovative DAG building techniques, real-time collaboration, and comprehensive view of data lineage and documentation, Turntable sets a new standard in data management.

Whether you are part of a small organization just beginning your data-driven journey, or a large enterprise with complex data management needs, Turntable can help you streamline your data management process and make more informed decisions. By choosing Turntable, you choose to transform your data management at warp speed, with the power of AI at your fingertips.

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