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Discover Triple Whale, the AI-driven eCommerce platform offering data insights, creative tools, and powerful marketing solutions to skyrocket your online sales

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About Triple Whale

Introducing Triple Whale: Your AI eCommerce Assistant

Triple Whale is a cutting-edge, AI-driven platform designed to help eCommerce businesses thrive. With advanced features such as attribution tracking, creative tools, and powerful marketing solutions, Triple Whale helps you make data-driven decisions and streamline your marketing efforts.

Comprehensive Attribution Tracking

In today's competitive landscape, understanding your advertising performance is crucial. Triple Whale's advanced tracking tools offer:

  • Server-Side Tracking
  • Multi-Device Tracking
  • Identity Resolution

These features ensure you're well-prepared for a cookieless future and can accurately measure the impact of your advertising efforts.

Creative Cockpit for Scaling Creativity

Triple Whale's Creative Cockpit empowers your creative team with data-driven insights to scale your ads effectively. Key features include:

  • Ad Platform ROAS vs Triple Pixel ROAS
  • Creative ID insights
  • Video, image & copy insights
  • CTR, CPC & CPM Benchmarks

Unleash Influencer Marketing Growth

Triple Whale's Affluencer Hub helps you manage and analyze your influencer and affiliate marketing campaigns with ease. Key features include:

  • Track ROI for Every Influencer & Affiliate
  • Foster Relationships & Centralize All Your Affluencer Data
  • Track & Manage All Your Affluencer Expenses

Lighthouse: eCommerce Intelligence, Automated

Lighthouse, the AI-driven heart of Triple Whale, offers automated anomaly detection, AI audience generation, inventory alerts, automatic ad creative generation, and much more. Stay ahead of the game with Lighthouse's proactive insights and recommendations.

Triple Whale: The Operating System for eCommerce

Triple Whale provides a comprehensive dashboard that unifies your marketing ecosystem. Access real-time MER, ncROAS, POAS tracking, customer insights, cohorts, and LTVs, all in one place.


Elevate your eCommerce business with Triple Whale, the AI-driven platform offering powerful tools and insights for marketing success. Harness the power of attribution tracking, creative tools, affluencer marketing, and automated intelligence to take your online sales to new heights. Embrace the future of eCommerce with Triple Whale today.

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Pricing options

  • $100
  • $300
  • $400


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