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Trade Foresight revolutionizes international trade with powerful analytics, AI, and data-driven tools to help businesses thrive in the global market

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About Trade Foresight

Empower Your Business with Trade Foresight's Innovative Platform

Trade Foresight is a trailblazing data-driven global trade platform that equips businesses with insights, information, and tools to succeed in international trade. By offering a groundbreaking combination of analytics, AI, and a vast market reach, Trade Foresight helps businesses build sustainable and profitable trade value chains at an affordable cost.

Disrupting Traditional B2B Platforms with Cutting-Edge Trade Tools

Trade Foresight's flat-rate SaaS pricing model and comprehensive suite of premium features set it apart from conventional B2B platforms and directory companies. The platform provides innovative trade tools and solutions that allow clients to stay ahead of the competition and flourish in the ever-changing global market.

Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making

Trade Foresight's data-driven approach empowers clients to make informed trade decisions and achieve their business goals. By harnessing the platform's powerful analytics and AI capabilities, businesses can reach new heights in international trade.

Key Features of Trade Foresight's Global Trade Platform

Find B2B Partners

Trade Foresight's digital trader directory simplifies the search for B2B partners, connecting businesses with potential partners across the globe.

Global Trade Analytics

The platform offers data-based insights on global trade trends, allowing businesses to predict future demand and supply with confidence.

Trader's Lounge

Trader's Lounge provides resources, tools, and access to over 20 million traders worldwide, promoting businesses' products and services effectively.

Market Search

The Market Search feature delivers valuable trade insights for buyers and sellers across the globe, helping businesses identify the best markets for their products and services.

Product Promotion

Users can showcase their products on Trade Foresight, finding B2B partners without the need for intermediaries.

Unified Search

The AI-powered unified search feature allows users to search for products, companies, trade data, and industry insights all in one place.

Trade Foresight's White Label Solutions

Trade Foresight also offers white label solutions tailored to banks, governments, and organizations looking to access powerful trade data and tools.

Revolutionize Your International Trade Business with Trade Foresight

Trade Foresight is designed to support SMEs, traders, service providers, financial institutions, large scale industries, and governments in navigating the international trade market. The platform's data-driven solutions and services enable businesses to analyze, connect, collaborate, and execute sustainable trade around the world.

The platform leverages a rich and comprehensive suite of international trade databases and market intelligence tools, managed and updated by Trade Foresight's in-house team of economists, trade advisors, and consultants.

Trade Foresight's Trader's Lounge offers access to a directory of over 10 million trusted manufacturers, distributors, and importers from more than 190 countries. Users can also analyze trade data from 22+ authentic sources, monitor market trends, and receive business matchmaking suggestions to make informed trade decisions.


Trade Foresight is revolutionizing international trade with its data-driven, AI-powered global trade platform. By providing businesses with the insights, information, and tools necessary to thrive in the international market, Trade Foresight is transforming the way SMEs and other organizations approach global trade. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock the full potential of your business with Trade Foresight's innovative and powerful solutions.

Embrace the future of global trade and harness the power of data-driven decision-making with Trade Foresight. Whether you're an SME, trader, service provider, financial institution, large scale industry, or government, Trade Foresight's platform will help you achieve your international trade goals and build sustainable, profitable trade value chains.

Join the ranks of successful businesses that have already discovered the immense benefits of using Trade Foresight. Experience firsthand how this groundbreaking platform can transform your international trade business and set you on the path to global success.

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Pricing options

  • $39


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