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Unleash your creativity with Studio Artist 5.5 - an AI-powered platform for digital art, animation, photography, and NFTs. Explore endless possibilities today!

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Studio Artist 5.5: Unleashing the Future of Digital Art and Animation

Studio Artist 5.5 is a groundbreaking AI-powered creative environment designed for artists, photographers, videographers, and NFT creators. With its extensive range of features, including intelligent painting and drawing, automatic animation rotoscoping, instant vector art, photo mosaics, and generative art, Studio Artist 5.5 allows users to effortlessly create stunning works of art and animation.

AI-Generated Art & Animation for Effortless Creativity

Studio Artist 5.5 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate full works of art or assist users in their creative process. With thousands of factory presets and the ability to create custom presets, the platform offers a wide variety of styles, from natural media to abstract and procedural art, photo mosaics, and one-click raster to vector conversion.

Automatic Animation Rotoscoping & Video Effects

Studio Artist 5.5's automatic animation rotoscoping feature enables users to create stunning moving paintings or drawings from video footage. The platform paints each frame individually, ensuring a unique, hand-painted look for every frame. Studio Artist 5.5's advanced video effects further enhance the final product, adding depth and interest to any animation.

Powerful Photo Mosaics & Vector Art

Studio Artist 5.5 offers intelligent, automatic photo mosaic creation, allowing users to generate one-of-a-kind mosaics with adaptive regionalization, curves, shapes, and recolorized sub-images. The Vectorizer feature quickly and easily converts raster images, such as photos or videos, into resolution-independent vector art, perfect for printing at any size.

Explore the World of Generative Art

Studio Artist 5.5's generative art capabilities offer endless possibilities for creating unique, visually exciting abstract art and animations. Users can experiment with the platform's AI-generated presets or let Studio Artist 5.5 create new art and presets automatically, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

The Ultimate Tool for NFT Batch Processing

Studio Artist 5.5's powerful batch processing capabilities make it the perfect tool for creating and processing NFTs. Users can effortlessly generate stunning, unique digital art pieces and animations for the growing NFT market, ensuring their work stands out in the competitive landscape.


Studio Artist 5.5 is the ultimate AI-powered creative environment for artists, photographers, videographers, and NFT creators. With its intelligent assistance, advanced features, and endless possibilities, users can create breathtaking digital art and animation with ease. Transform your creative process and elevate your work with Studio Artist 5.5 today.

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