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Super Prompts, an AI tool that transforms your Twitter into an organized AI art gallery. Showcase your work in one place, regardless of where you sell your NFTs

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About Super Prompts

Super Prompts: The Ultimate AI Art Gallery Creator for Twitter

In the realm of digital art and NFTs, showcasing your work effectively is crucial. Super Prompts offers a unique solution, transforming your Twitter feed into a professional, organized gallery for your AI art.

What is Super Prompts?

Super Prompts is an AI tool designed specifically for AI artists who want to showcase their work in one place. The platform is system-agnostic, meaning it allows you to display artwork generated on any system and sold on any NFT platform.

Whether you create intricate digital paintings or minimalist AI designs, Super Prompts gives you the power to create an organized and attractive gallery on Twitter, showcasing your unique talent and style.

Why Use Super Prompts?

One of the main advantages of Super Prompts is its ability to centralize your AI art showcase. It eliminates the need for potential buyers or supporters to check multiple NFT platforms or dig through your Twitter media tab to view all your work.

By using Super Prompts, you can publish your artwork and include links to wherever your NFTs are for sale. The next time someone asks to see all your work, you can simply direct them to your Super Prompts gallery, creating a streamlined experience for your audience.

How Does Super Prompts Work?

The process of creating your gallery with Super Prompts is simple and efficient. After signing up for Super Prompts and connecting your Twitter account, you can publish your work directly from Twitter by typing «/publish». This intuitive feature allows you to create and update your gallery without ever leaving Twitter.

Curating Works on Twitter with Super Prompts

Beyond showcasing your own work, Super Prompts also gives you the ability to curate works that you find on Twitter. By typing «/curate», you can save and revisit your favorite pieces, with credit given to the original poster and links to their tweet. This feature allows you to engage with the broader AI art community and highlight exceptional work from other artists.


Super Prompts is a game-changer for AI artists on Twitter. By providing a centralized, professional gallery space, it simplifies the process of showcasing and curating AI art.

Whether you're an emerging AI artist looking to grow your audience, an established artist seeking a more efficient way to display your work, or an art enthusiast eager to curate your favorite pieces, Super Prompts offers a unique and valuable solution. Experience the seamless integration of your Twitter feed and AI art gallery with Super Prompts today.

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Pricing options

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