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Studyable provides AI-powered study tools for various subjects, offering study guides, flashcards, quizzes, and personalized essay feedback

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About Studyable

Excel in Every Subject with Studyable

Unlock your academic potential with Studyable, the AI-powered platform providing comprehensive study tools for subjects like Physics, Shakespeare, Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Computer Science, Geography, and languages. Achieve mastery with study guides, flashcards, quizzes, and personalized essay feedback.

Comprehensive Learning Resources

Study Guides and Flashcards

Find study guides for any subject and create entire study sets in seconds. Generate flashcards from your notes or any topic and utilize study modes to learn and memorize key concepts efficiently.

Spaced Retention Frameworks

Maximize your learning with Studyable's spaced retention frameworks, which include multiple choice and written questions that ensure comprehensive revision of every term.

AI-Powered Testing and Feedback

Customizable Tests

Transform your study sets into tests with unique questions, and receive accurate answer checks from advanced AI algorithms.

Instant Essay Feedback

Improve your essays with instant, actionable feedback before submitting them. Get comprehensive marker notes outlining your strengths and areas for improvement.

Personalized Learning with Studyable Chat

Your AI Learning Coach

Studyable Chat, your personal learning coach, works at your pace. Ask questions, clarify concepts, and learn from your mistakes, all in an interactive environment.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Learn about any topic or concept in simple terms and ask follow-up questions to deepen your understanding.

Textbook Summaries

Paste snippets from your textbooks and receive digestible summaries to streamline your learning process.


Quiz yourself to deepen your understanding and learn from your mistakes, ensuring subject mastery.


Studyable offers a comprehensive AI-powered platform for students seeking to excel in various subjects. With its extensive range of study tools, including study guides, flashcards, quizzes, and personalized essay feedback, Studyable helps learners achieve subject mastery and academic success. Enhance your learning experience with Studyable and unlock your full potential.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $3.99


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