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Steve AI, an innovative tool, simplifies animation video creation using text input. Utilize its massive assets collection and patented AI technology for stunning 4K videos

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About Steve AI

Create Professional Animation Videos Easily with Steve AI

In an age dominated by visual content, video remains the gold standard for engaging audiences. Steve AI, an innovative video-making software, is changing the game by simplifying the process of creating professional animation videos using text inputs. This AI-driven tool brings a new level of ease and sophistication to video creation.

Simplifying Video Creation with Steve AI

With Steve AI, creating professional animation videos is as easy as uploading your content. Leveraging its patented AI technology, you can create top-notch videos within minutes. The magic unfolds as the AI intelligently picks the most suitable creative media assets for your video, essentially automating the creative process and drastically reducing the time spent on video production.

From Text to Video in a Flash

Gone are the days of complex video editing. With Steve AI, you can simply paste your text into the script editor and let the platform generate engaging videos for you. The AI swiftly picks the most relevant assets, easing the video production process.

Repurpose Blog to Video Instantly

Adapt as quickly as your audience evolves. Steve AI lets you convert your blogs into bite-sized videos in seconds, allowing you to distribute your content across multiple channels effectively. The AI works at lightning speed, repurposing your content swiftly.

Scale the Power of Audio to Video

Maximize the potential of your audio files by turning them into captivating videos. Extract the text, build context, and convert to videos effortlessly, much like creating a music video for a rap song.

Super Intent

Enhance the AI's accuracy in selecting assets for your videos with keywords. With this feature, you can re-generate videos with a new context every time, offering a fresh perspective for your audience.

Massive Collection and Customization Options

Steve AI boasts a massive library of over 100 million assets, providing a broad range of options to choose from. Whether you need plus-size characters, animal characters, or epidemic music, Steve AI has got you covered.

AI Avatar Speak

Breathe life into your presentation videos with perfect lip-syncing AI Animated Avatars. Choose from a variety of templates and a plethora of avatars ranging from professionals to animals to kids.

Customize & Stay on Brand

The advanced video editing suite lets you customize videos, upload your personal assets, and integrate your custom branding. This ensures that your videos align perfectly with your brand’s identity and messaging.

Stellar Quality and Versatility

Steve AI enables you to produce stunning 4K quality videos in mere minutes. With this tool, you no longer need expensive hardware to produce high-quality videos. The cloud-based technology ensures that you can create and publish professional videos from anywhere, at any time.

The tool is versatile, catering to various needs, be it marketing, social media, news & editorial, agencies, corporate communication, or enterprise-level requirements.


Steve AI simplifies the process of creating professional animation videos, making it an invaluable tool for anyone in the realm of digital content creation. Its ease of use, combined with its comprehensive asset library and customization options, ensures that creating professional videos is not just easy, but also enjoyable.

With Steve AI, anyone can become a superstar video creator. It is trusted by leading brands globally, and the best part — it's free forever, no credit card required. Transform your content creation journey today with Steve AI and experience the future of video production.

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Pricing options

  • $15
  • $45
  • $60


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