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SpotGPT enables seamless ChatGPT integration on any website, providing quick search and chat functionality to improve user experience

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About Spotgpt

SpotGPT: Bringing ChatGPT to Any Website

SpotGPT is an innovative tool designed to integrate ChatGPT into any website, offering both search and chat functionality. This powerful solution enhances user experience and customer support, making it an invaluable addition to your online presence.

Easy ChatGPT Integration for Any Website

With SpotGPT, you can effortlessly add ChatGPT to any website, providing users with an intuitive and engaging way to search and chat on your site.

Premium Features
  • Search: Add a simple and quick spotlight search on any website using the Chrome browser.
  • Chat GPT: Enable ChatGPT searches on any website with SpotGPT.
  • API Key: Use your own OpenAI API Key and access ChatGPT anywhere.
  • No Monthly Fee: Enjoy a one-time purchase with no subscription fees.
  • Free Updates: Benefit from free lifetime updates and new features.
  • Commands (Coming Soon): Custom commands and additional features are in the pipeline.

How SpotGPT Works

  1. Get API Key: Obtain your own API key from OpenAI and add it to SpotGPT.
  2. Start Searching: Use the floating SpotGPT button available on any website and start searching or chatting.

Use Cases: Enhance User Experience and Customer Support

By integrating SpotGPT into your website, you can significantly improve user experience and customer support. The quick and accurate search results delivered by ChatGPT make it easy for users to find the information they need, while the chat functionality allows for more personalized and efficient support.

Conclusion: Upgrade Your Website with SpotGPT

SpotGPT provides a simple yet powerful solution for integrating ChatGPT into any website. With its array of premium features and ease of use, SpotGPT enables website owners to enhance user experience and customer support in no time. Don't miss out on the benefits of this cutting-edge tool — upgrade your website with SpotGPT today.

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Pricing options

  • $20


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