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Discover Spline AI, the revolutionary 3D creation platform that utilizes AI-powered prompts and textures to generate objects, animations, and scenes effortlessly. Try it now!

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About Spline AI

Introducing Spline AI, a cutting-edge 3D creation platform that brings the power of artificial intelligence to the world of design. Generate objects, animations, and textures using simple prompts and experience effortless collaboration.

Effortless 3D Creation with AI Prompts

Spline AI enables you to build faster and more efficiently with the help of AI. Watch your ideas come to life using simple prompts:


Generate objects and scenes by describing what you want to create. Let the AI do the heavy lifting and bring your vision to life.


Modify objects, apply materials, add lighting, and more. AI-powered tools make it easier than ever to fine-tune your designs.


Experiment and collaborate with your teammates in real-time. Watch your creations come to life and explore new ideas together.

AI-Generated Textures for Your 3D Objects

Generate seamless textures for your 3D objects using text prompts. AI Textures make it easy to style your creations and add a professional touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a waitlist?

Spline AI is currently in Alpha, meaning improvements are being made daily. The waitlist ensures that early feedback helps improve the experience for everyone.

When will I get off the waitlist?

The Spline AI team is working tirelessly to onboard users as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates on your status.

How much do the AI features cost?

While in Alpha, AI Prompt is free to use. AI Textures are included in the Super and Super Team plans. Pricing for AI Prompt will be announced at a later date.

How does Spline AI handle my data?

Privacy is a top priority at Spline AI. Data related to your prompts is only collected if you choose to share it as feedback.

What are the current limitations of Spline AI?

Spline AI utilizes OpenAI's API and is subject to ongoing research and development. Users may encounter bugs and issues, but feedback helps improve the system daily.

Get started with Spline AI and revolutionize your 3D creation process with AI-powered prompts and textures. Unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities in design and collaboration.

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Pricing options

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