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Transform language education with Speakable's auto-graded speaking assignments, providing instant feedback and support in over 100 languages

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About Speakable

Speakable: Transforming Language Learning Through Auto-Graded Speaking Practice

Speakable is a game-changing language education platform that simplifies the creation of auto-graded speaking assignments in over 100 languages. By automating grading and providing instant feedback, Speakable allows teachers to focus on what they do best — teaching.

Key Features of Speakable

Create Custom Speaking Assignments

Design speaking assignments for 180+ languages using Speakable's flexible builder. Add pictures, voice recordings, custom translations, and more to help students practice pronunciation, learn vocabulary, use new grammar concepts, and develop listening skills.

Automate Grading and Feedback

As students complete their assignments, grades are automatically updated in your grade book. For Google Classroom users, Speakable offers native integration to import sections and sync assignment grades.

Support Students with Instant Feedback

Students receive real-time feedback on their target language speech. Utilize the feedback messenger and gradebook analytics to provide assistance when and where students need it most.

Creating Purpose-Driven Assignments

Speakable enables teachers to create assignments for various language learning objectives, such as:

  • Pronunciation
  • Ear training
  • Vocabulary acquisition
  • Grammar practice

Benefits of Using Speakable

Save Time with Bulk Import

Easily create assignments from lists, including Quizlet sets, vocabulary tables, and sentence starters.

Access Global Library of Assignments

Save time by using over 1,000 sets of words, phrases, and sentences created by language teachers in Speakable's global library.

Focus on Communication

Accelerate students' confidence in speaking by automating grading and pronunciation feedback.


Speakable revolutionizes language education by offering auto-graded speaking assignments and instant feedback in over 100 languages. With its innovative features, Speakable empowers teachers to create custom assignments, automate grading, and provide tailored support to students, fostering effective and engaging language learning experiences. Discover the benefits of Speakable and enhance your language teaching today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $12
  • $89


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