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Explore Smartcat, an all-in-one translation platform combining AI power, collaborative workflows, and a vast marketplace of language professionals to empower global businesses. Understand how it delivers precision, speed, and affordability

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About Smartcat

Empower Your Global Presence with Smartcat: The Ultimate Language Delivery Platform

Smartcat is a revolutionary all-in-one translation platform that unifies the best of artificial intelligence (AI) and human collaboration. Facilitating global innovation and commerce, Smartcat streamlines multilingual content delivery, enabling companies to expand their reach and establish a multilingual brand at a button's click.

The Smartcat Advantage: AI Translation and More

Smartcat stands apart by offering AI-enabled automatic translations, using the best machine translation engines to provide context-appropriate results with remarkable 80% accuracy in seconds. Unlike traditional translation tools, Smartcat's AI learns from your edits, delivering more precise results each time you use it.

A Comprehensive Marketplace for Language Professionals

Sourcing translators and proofreaders is simplified with Smartcat's Marketplace, boasting over 500,000 language professionals. This robust system automatically selects the best suppliers for each project, allowing businesses to manage projects effortlessly and punctually.

Collaborative Translation Management System (TMS)

Smartcat's TMS offers centralized projects, facilitating seamless cooperation between teams, translators, and agencies. This user-friendly system comes with linguistic resources and automated workflows that enhance project management and improve output quality.

Smartcat for eLearning Translations

Smartcat also specializes in eLearning translations, helping L& D managers translate training materials with ease. Its platform supports 30+ third-party tools and 60+ file formats, thus enhancing collaboration, improving turnaround time, and ensuring high quality across all translated content.

Payment Automation Simplified

Smartcat simplifies payment processes, allowing companies to flexibly choose suppliers and pay them via a single invoice. This system significantly cuts internal red tape, creating automated workflows covered by a single compliant agreement.

Software Localization and Document Translation

From translating software to handling multiple file formats, Smartcat offers an automated software localization platform and a straightforward document translator. These tools support most developer file formats, manage multiple product code branches, and translate documents instantly using AI.

Subtitle Translation and Website Translator

Expanding its capabilities, Smartcat offers easy-to-use subtitle translation and website translator tools. These tools allow you to automatically translate subtitles for your videos and web content into multiple languages quickly and effectively.

Smartcat Marketplace: A Hub for Translation Professionals

The Smartcat Marketplace is a dynamic hub for sourcing language professionals. The AI-powered system matches your project with the most suitable translator, editor, or proofreader, ensuring high-quality services delivered on time and within your budget.


In the globalizing business world, overcoming language barriers is crucial for growth and success. Smartcat leverages advanced AI and the power of human expertise to offer a comprehensive language delivery platform, making the translation process seamless, effective, and cost-efficient. From document translation to software localization, Smartcat has got you covered. Boost your global reach with Smartcat, and experience a new level of translation services.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $99
  • $699


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