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Discover hidden opportunities and grow your Amazon business with SmartScout's powerful features and data-driven insights

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About SmartScout

Elevate Your Amazon Business with SmartScout

SmartScout is a comprehensive Amazon product research tool designed to help sellers and service providers uncover hidden opportunities and grow their businesses. With its extensive feature set and data-driven insights, SmartScout gives users a competitive edge in the Amazon marketplace.

Key Features of SmartScout

SmartScout offers a wide range of features, including:

  • AI Listing Architect: Create optimized listings with the right keywords and messaging
  • Ad Spy: Analyze competitor search term metrics for better advertising strategies
  • Brands: Access a database of Amazon brands with unique filters
  • FBA Calculator: Calculate ROI for any product on Amazon
  • Keyword Detective: Track rankings, product relevancy, search term intent, and analyze competitors
  • Products: Seamless integration with an Amazon product database
  • Scope: Historical revenue data for brands and sellers across the marketplace
  • Search Terms Relevancy: Target Amazon products with relevant search terms
  • Seller Tools: Explore a map, database, and product view of Amazon sellers worldwide
  • Subcategories: Organize Amazon data points by thousands of subcategories
  • Traffic Graph: Visualize «frequently bought together» connections for products
  • UPC Scanner: Import product lists to discover profitable opportunities

Benefits of Using SmartScout

By leveraging SmartScout's capabilities, users can:

  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities: Access millions of data points to identify untapped potential
  • Targeted Research: Create a curated list of contacts for impactful outreach
  • Customizable Results: Use filters to find the right brands, products, and niches
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed decisions to increase revenue and improve ad efficiency

SmartScout for Amazon Sellers

SmartScout is designed to cater to various types of Amazon sellers, including:

  • Online Arbitrage: Identify profitable products before sourcing discounted inventory
  • Private Label Sellers: Find white-label products and advertising opportunities
  • Wholesale: Discover wholesale-friendly brands and their product offerings

SmartScout for Service Providers

SmartScout also benefits service providers, such as:

  • Business Buyers: Target Amazon businesses that meet specific buying criteria
  • Marketing Agencies: Pitch services to brands with high growth potential


SmartScout is the ultimate tool for Amazon sellers and service providers seeking to elevate their businesses. With its unparalleled features and data-driven insights, SmartScout empowers users to identify hidden opportunities and make informed decisions, leading to increased revenue and growth. Experience the power of SmartScout and transform your Amazon business today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $25
  • $75
  • $158


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