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Experience the future of 3D modeling with Sloyd's AI-driven platform, offering seamless creation, customization, and optimization of 3D assets for any project

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About Sloyd

Sloyd is a cutting-edge platform that simplifies the 3D modeling process using AI-powered generators. With its easy-to-use tools, expansive library, and machine learning capabilities, Sloyd brings a new level of efficiency and creativity to 3D asset creation.

Instant 3D Creation and Customization

Sloyd eliminates the need for hours of tutorials or hunting for the perfect asset. With an ever-expanding library of generators, you can quickly create and customize 3D models to fit your style. Experiment with unique sliders and toggles, or hit randomize for endless variations.

Optimized and Ready-to-Use Assets

Sloyd generates UV-unwrapped, real-time optimized models with any Level of Detail (LOD) you require. The platform ensures that you can seamlessly integrate your creations into any game or virtual experience without any surprises.

Empowering Creators with Simplicity and Flexibility

Sloyd's mission is to provide creators with the tools they need to focus on their artistic vision. By simplifying the 3D modeling process and making it more approachable, Sloyd enables more people to create stunning games and immersive experiences.

Procedural and Machine Learning-Driven 3D Creation

Sloyd harnesses the power of procedural generation and machine learning to revolutionize the 3D creation process. Their Web App is powered by talented 3D artists and offers runtime generation with the SDK. Sloyd is continuously developing its machine learning capabilities, inspired by recent advancements in generative art.

Discover the unparalleled potential of Sloyd's AI-driven platform and effortlessly create, customize, and optimize 3D assets for any project, unleashing a new era of creativity and productivity in 3D modeling.

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