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Create animated videos from text with Raw Shorts, the AI video editor and text to video maker. Access millions of media assets and automate your video marketing with spreadsheets

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About Raw Shorts

Introducing Raw Shorts, an AI-powered video editor and text-to-video maker that is revolutionizing the way businesses create explainer videos, animations, and promotional content for the web and social media. The platform offers a simple and efficient solution to video creation, saving countless hours of work and providing high-quality content with ease.

Raw Shorts uses AI technology to create videos from text, offering a fast and efficient way to produce quality videos. The platform scans and analyzes the video script, identifies the main concepts, assembles a video outline, and generates voice narration. This process is entirely customizable, with users able to review and adjust the video draft as necessary using the drag and drop editor.

One of the biggest advantages of Raw Shorts is its royalty-free media library of over one million commercially licensed and creative commons videos, photos, icons, and animations. This eliminates the need for businesses to purchase expensive stock footage or create custom visuals, saving both time and money.

Raw Shorts' automation features also make it ideal for scaling video creation. The platform offers Spreadsheet-to-Video, a tool that allows businesses to transform their catalog feed into a library of compelling marketing videos for social media. This feature blends product or customer data with images, text, and videos to create personalized and engaging content that speaks to the customer's interests.

With Raw Shorts, businesses can automate their video marketing efforts and boost their brand's online presence. The platform is perfect for marketing agencies looking to generate videos for every part of the marketing funnel, from text-based ads to product catalog videos. Sales professionals can also benefit from the platform, using personalized videos for sales outreach, nurturing, and upsell campaigns.

Overall, Raw Shorts offers an innovative and efficient solution for video creation, allowing businesses to produce quality content with ease and save valuable time and resources. Its AI-powered features and royalty-free media library make it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes and industries, from marketing agencies to sales teams, looking to boost their brand's online presence and scale their video marketing efforts.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $20
  • $30


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