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Enhance customer onboarding with Puzzle Labs, an AI-driven glossary tool that simplifies complex concepts for businesses, marketers, and product experts

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About Puzzle Labs

Puzzle Labs: Simplify Complex Concepts with AI-Powered Glossary

In an increasingly complex world, businesses need to make it easy for customers to understand their products and services. Puzzle Labs is an AI-powered glossary tool designed to help companies simplify complex information and improve customer onboarding, education, and engagement. Let's explore the features, benefits, and areas of application for users of this innovative tool.

A Streamlined Process to Create an Intelligent Glossary

Puzzle Labs offers a three-step process to connect your documents and blog posts to key concepts:

  1. Import Your Content: Import content from various formats, such as WordPress, Medium, HTML, and markdown.
  2. Create Intelligent Glossary: Select the concepts that best define your product, giving you control over the terminology that matters most to your business and customers.
  3. Publish the Puzzle Widget: Copy and paste the code snippet onto your website, and the widget will automatically update when new concepts are added.
Effortless Customer Onboarding and Education

By incorporating the Puzzle Widget into your website, you provide clear and concise definitions of key terms and concepts, making it easier for customers to understand your product. This enhances customer onboarding and education, ultimately increasing user engagement and loyalty.

Empower Marketers, Product Experts, and Business Developers

Puzzle Labs is designed to assist a variety of professionals:

  • Digital Marketers: The Puzzle Widget helps drive user engagement, decrease bounce rates, and improve SEO. It allows marketers to create engaging content for newcomers, effectively preparing leads for sales.
  • Product Experts: The tool helps explain essential product ideas quickly, empowering support teams to resolve customer confusion with confidence.
  • Business Development Reps: With the Puzzle Widget, potential customers can learn about your product faster, increasing their interest and understanding.
A Comprehensive Customer Education Experience

Puzzle Labs believes that understanding complex information should be easy and enjoyable. The platform provides all the tools necessary to create the best customer education experience, allowing customers to learn from you instead of a search engine.


Puzzle Labs is the AI-powered glossary tool your business needs to simplify complex information and improve customer understanding. With a streamlined process, effortless onboarding, and powerful applications for various professionals, it's time to bring clarity to your product and customers. Try Puzzle Labs for free and choose from different pricing plans to empower your business today.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $19


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