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Promethean AI simplifies virtual world-building, assisting artists with AI-driven suggestions, and taking on mundane tasks to let creativity flourish

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About Promethean AI

Discover the power of Promethean AI, the world's first artificial intelligence designed to work alongside artists, transforming the way virtual worlds are built. Learn about the features, benefits, and applications of this groundbreaking technology.

Collaborative AI for Artists

Promethean AI assists artists in the creative process, suggesting ideas and taking on non-creative, mundane tasks. This enables artists to focus on the essential aspects of building virtual worlds, boosting productivity and fostering innovation.

Adaptable and Personalized AI

Promethean AI learns from and adapts to the unique tastes and preferences of each artist, ensuring a highly customized experience that caters to individual needs and styles.

Voice-Assisted AI Generation

Harness the power of voice-assisted AI to generate virtual worlds in VR seamlessly. With intuitive audio input, creating 3D scenes and objects becomes more natural and immersive.

Creative Tasks Simplified

Create 3D Scenes

Promethean AI streamlines the process of creating 3D scenes, allowing artists to quickly bring their visions to life in a virtual environment.

Create 3D Objects

Developing 3D objects becomes a breeze with Promethean AI's assistance, enhancing the creative experience and minimizing the time spent on tedious tasks.

Applications for Users

Promethean AI is perfect for artists working in various industries, such as video game development, animation, virtual reality, and more. The AI-driven platform enables users to construct virtual worlds more efficiently, promoting creativity and innovation.

Embrace the future of virtual world-building with Promethean AI. Experience unparalleled creative freedom, enhanced productivity, and a truly collaborative AI experience that adapts to your unique artistic style.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $5
  • $50


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