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Create stunning documents like CVs, books, itineraries, and presentations effortlessly with Piggy Magic, an AI-powered mobile content creator tool

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About Piggy Magic

Creating visually appealing and professional documents is now a breeze with Piggy Magic, an AI-powered mobile content creator tool. Perfect for crafting CVs, books, itineraries, and presentations, Piggy Magic is the ultimate solution for those who need quick and high-quality content.

Effortless Document Creation

Piggy Magic's user-friendly interface allows users to input their thoughts and quickly turn them into a magic document. With AI assistance, the tool helps generate engaging and visually stunning content in a matter of minutes. No design skills are required, making it accessible for everyone.

Examples and Inspiration

To help users get started, Piggy Magic provides examples of various document types, offering inspiration and showcasing what the final output might look like. By entering a simple prompt, users can easily create personalized content tailored to their needs.

Innovative Presentation Service

Piggy Magic's AI-based presentation service makes it easy to create customized presentations using intelligent suggestions. The intuitive interface streamlines the process, ensuring seamless and efficient content creation for both professional and personal use.

Wide Range of Applications

Piggy Magic is designed to cater to various user needs, making it ideal for students, professionals, freelancers, and businesses alike. Whether you need to create an impressive CV, draft a captivating book, plan a detailed itinerary, or design

Beta Access and Growing User Base

Currently in beta, Piggy Magic is already proving to be a valuable tool with over 10,000 daily users creating documents effortlessly. As the platform evolves, additional features and improvements will continue to enhance the user experience, making Piggy Magic the go-to mobile content creator tool.


Piggy Magic is revolutionizing the way we create content with its AI-powered mobile content creator tool. Offering an effortless, user-friendly experience, this innovative platform allows users to generate stunning and professional documents in minutes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify your content creation process — try Piggy Magic today!

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