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Discover OpenRead, an AI-powered interactive platform that revolutionizes the way you read, analyze, and interact with research papers and journals

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About OpenRead

OpenRead: The Future of Research with AI-Powered Interactive Papers

OpenRead is an innovative AI-driven platform designed to transform the way you interact with research papers, journals, and other literature formats. With a range of intuitive features and a powerful AI engine, OpenRead simplifies and accelerates the research process for users.

Key Features of OpenRead

Fast and Intuitive Reading Mode

OpenRead's advanced reading mode allows users to capture the core value of a paper within just 5 minutes.

Paper Q& A

Save time and energy with OpenRead's Paper Q& A feature. Simply ask any question about a paper and receive a quick response within seconds.

Paper Espresso

Let OpenRead's NLP assistant generate your literature review by digesting papers, making your research more efficient.

AI-Enhanced Content Extraction

OpenRead uses AI technology to extract figures, formulas, tables, and more from papers. Find any elements easily by clicking their hyperlinks embedded in the text.

Powerful Notes System

OpenRead's notes system collects and connects everything, increasing note-taking efficiency with backlinks and outgoing links from your notes.

Pre-built Journal Paper Templates

Choose from thousands of free, pre-built journal paper templates and focus on content creation without the hassle of formatting.

AI-Powered Research Tool

OpenRead's cutting-edge natural language processing accelerates the reading process, making research more efficient and accessible.

Low Code Paper Editor

Experience OpenRead's original low code writing platform, currently under development, which supports LaTeX writing without the need to learn code syntax.

Additional Benefits

OpenRead also offers its own seminar series on insightful and trending topics, allowing users to learn from professionals and stay informed about the latest research developments.

By joining OpenRead's research community and university alliance, users can collaborate with fellow researchers and share their ideas in an open-minded environment.


OpenRead is revolutionizing the research experience with its AI-powered interactive platform, providing users with an efficient and comprehensive way to analyze and interact with various literature formats. With its range of powerful features and a collaborative research community, OpenRead is the future of research for academics and professionals alike. Experience the power of OpenRead and elevate your research process today.

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