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Generate voiceovers and convert presentations into HD videos with Narakeet. Use our realistic text-to-speech tool for engaging content in multiple languages

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About Narakeet

Introduction to Narakeet

Narakeet is an innovative tool that revolutionizes content creation by converting text and presentations into professional narrated videos. This tool simplifies the process of creating engaging content, allowing you to focus more on the content than on the technicalities of video production.

Creating Narrated Videos with Ease

One of Narakeet's standout features is its ability to efficiently create narrated videos. The painstaking process of recording voiceovers, syncing audio with visuals, and adding subtitles can consume valuable time and resources. Narakeet automates these tasks, enabling you to produce professional-looking videos with little effort.

The tool supports PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote, making it easy to turn your presentations into high-definition videos. Furthermore, you can leverage its built-in templates to craft engaging videos for various social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. With automatic subtitle and closed caption addition, your videos are not only engaging but also accessible.

Realistic Text-to-Speech Conversion

Narakeet boasts natural sounding text-to-speech capabilities in 90 languages with 600 different voices. This feature is ideal for creating audio files and narrated videos rapidly. Changing a script in the future only requires a simple text update, eliminating the need for time-consuming voice recording sessions.

Whether you aim to create training videos in multiple languages, marketing content for global products, or use Narakeet as a narrator for YouTube videos, the text-to-speech tool is versatile and efficient. It can swiftly convert a Word document or a text script into an audio file.

Creating Videos from Images and Audio

Narakeet shines as a text-to-speech video maker, transforming a script to voice over, and facilitating video editing as simply as editing text. You can script your entire video using Markdown and embed visual assets from images, screen recordings, and video clips. Its scripting stage directions enable you to create slides, add call-outs, overlay text on images and videos, generate subtitle files, and extract video segments.

Automating Video Production

Narakeet can automate video production, making it an excellent tool for creating several versions of a single video in different languages or resolutions. Developers can harness the power of Narakeet's API or command-line client to integrate video production into continuous delivery pipelines and automation systems. Consequently, Narakeet is a superb choice for creating marketing videos, announcements, demos, or documentation videos automatically.


In the era of digital content, tools like Narakeet provide an edge by simplifying and expediting the content creation process. By converting text and presentations into professional videos, Narakeet empowers creators to produce high-quality, engaging, and accessible content effortlessly. Whether you're a marketer, an educator, a content creator, or a developer, Narakeet is a tool that can truly transform the way you create and share information.

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Pricing options

  • $6
  • $45
  • $100
  • $200
  • $500


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