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Discover Murf's AI voice generator for lifelike text-to-speech, voice cloning, and video voiceovers. Create professional audio in minutes across 20 languages

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About Murf

Meet Murf, the AI-powered voice generator that's transforming the way you create and edit voiceovers. With lifelike, realistic AI voices, Murf offers a versatile range of services, including text to speech, voice cloning, voiceovers for videos and presentations, and much more. This cutting-edge technology is designed to save you time and money while providing exceptional audio quality across various use cases, from eLearning to advertising, and beyond.

Text to Speech Voiceovers with Realistic AI Voices

Murf's text to speech technology provides an extensive library of natural-sounding AI voices in 20 languages, perfect for professional voiceovers for videos, presentations, and podcasts. With a simple text editor and customization features like pitch, pause, and pronunciation, you can easily create flawless voiceovers that sound just like human speech, without the need for voice artists or expensive recording equipment.

Voice Cloning for Customized Experiences

Create unique, engaging content with custom voice clones that mimic real human emotions. Murf's voice cloning technology transforms a single recording into an AI voice that can exhibit various emotions and styles, perfect for advertisements, IVR systems, or character voices in games and animations. Edit your script on the fly and optimize your content with lifelike voice clones that are as real as it gets.

Voiceovers for Videos and Presentations

Elevate your video content with perfectly timed voiceovers using Murf's voice over video feature. Import your video or image, type in your script, and choose from over 120 AI voices in 20 languages to create engaging, professional voiceovers in minutes. With background music and easy editing, you can produce high-quality, multi-language videos that connect with diverse audiences.

Voice Over Google Slides

Enhance your presentations with instant voiceovers for Google Slides. Murf's simple add-on allows you to write and edit your voiceover script while creating your presentation, giving you complete control over both the slides and the voiceover.

Voice Changer for Professional-Quality Voiceovers at Home

Transform your home recordings into studio-quality voiceovers with Murf's voice changer. Record your voice using any device, upload it to Murf, and swap it with a professional-sounding AI voice in seconds. Remove background noise, edit your script, and create high-quality audio without the need for expensive equipment or a silent room.

Summary: Revolutionize Content Creation with Murf

Murf's AI voice generator is a game-changer for content creators, offering a range of services designed to save time, money, and effort. With text to speech, voice cloning, voiceovers for videos and presentations, voice over Google Slides, and voice changer capabilities, Murf enables you to produce professional-quality audio across various industries and use cases. Embrace the future of voiceover technology with Murf and elevate your content to new heights.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $19
  • $26
  • $59


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