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Moonbeam empowers global collaboration and innovation by connecting innovators, investors, and organizations with data-driven tools.

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About Moonbeam

Moonbeam: Unlocking Global Creativity and Innovation

Moonbeam is revolutionizing the global innovation ecosystem by connecting innovators, investors, governments, and entrepreneurs with cutting-edge tools for data-driven collaboration. Through Moonbeam Exchange and Moonbeam Envision, the platform fosters seamless communication, collaboration, and innovation across the world.

Moonbeam Exchange: Accelerate Innovation with Data Science

Moonbeam Exchange is a data science platform that leverages over 100 data sources to provide intelligence and insight to the entire innovation ecosystem. By using a brokerage network, Moonbeam Exchange enables startups, corporate innovation labs, and economic development organizations to accelerate the pace of innovation through better understanding and opportunities to co-create.

Moonbeam Envision: Remote Collaboration for the Modern World

Moonbeam Envision is a state-of-the-art remote collaboration tool that facilitates creative collaboration in a virtual environment. Envision harnesses advanced AI to ensure participants worldwide can access their colleagues, protect their intellectual property, and conduct frictionless brainstorming sessions anywhere in the world.

Moonbeam's Mission: Breaking Barriers in the Innovation Ecosystem

The innovation ecosystem can be complex, siloed, and drastically inequitable. Moonbeam aims to break down barriers to innovation by serving a wide range of clients, including startups, entrepreneurs, enterprise companies, corporate innovation labs, and economic development agencies. With a team spanning three continents and decades of experience in corporate innovation and virtual reality, Moonbeam is committed to unlocking human creativity and ingenuity worldwide.

Core Values: Sustainability, Accessibility, and Inclusivity

Moonbeam's commitment to global innovation is guided by three pillars:


Promoting creativity that doesn't harm the planet, Moonbeam encourages the smart use of technology to reduce unnecessary business travel.


Moonbeam is dedicated to making collaboration accessible to all. As part of this effort, Moonbeam is participating in the XR ACCESS research group to develop a universally accessible app.


By transcending traditional dynamics and amplifying all voices through IP attribution, Moonbeam fosters an inclusive environment, particularly for those unintentionally marginalized within the workplace.

Conclusion: Embrace Global Collaboration with Moonbeam

Moonbeam empowers individuals and organizations to revolutionize global collaboration and innovation. By providing data-driven tools like Moonbeam Exchange and Moonbeam Envision, the platform enables users to navigate the complex innovation ecosystem and unlock their creative potential. With a commitment to sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity, Moonbeam is poised to become an indispensable resource for fostering global creativity and ingenuity.

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