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Revolutionize your productivity with Mem, an AI-driven workspace that organizes your knowledge, automates tasks, and enhances collaboration for peak efficiency

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About Mem

In today's fast-paced world, staying organized and efficient is crucial. Mem is the world's first AI-powered workspace designed to streamline your workflow, boost creativity, and simplify organization.

The Power of Mem

Mem's innovative features make it stand out as a comprehensive productivity solution:

  1. Centralized Workspace: Bring together work and life across various apps, sync email and calendar, save links and websites, or jot down thoughts quickly.
  2. AI-Driven Organization: Mem's AI automatically connects and organizes your data around events, topics, and people, eliminating the need for manual sorting.
  3. AI-Assisted Writing: With Smart Write and Smart Edit, Mem's knowledge-aware AI writer transforms your everyday writing experience.

Feature-Rich Workspace

Mem offers a range of features designed for seamless knowledge sharing and enhanced productivity:

  1. Calendar Integration: Link notes to your calendar events with one click.
  2. File Attachments: Attach PDFs, spreadsheets, and various other files.
  3. User Groups: Share knowledge across groups effortlessly.
  4. Zapier Integration: Connect with 3000+ apps for automated workflows.
  5. Task Management: Consolidate your tasks in one location automatically.
  6. Imports: Import notes, documents, and files from your previous apps.
  7. Flows: Integrate with SMS, Calendar, Email, and other native integrations.
  8. Native Apps: Use Mem on Mac, Windows, Web, and iOS (Android not yet supported).
  9. Shared Templates: Streamline outreach with easily accessible templates.

Collaboration Made Easy

Mem fosters a collaborative environment, enabling teams to stay organized and work together efficiently. By automating mundane tasks and connecting information, Mem empowers everyone to focus on their best work.

Experience a new level of productivity with Mem, the AI-powered workspace designed to amplify creativity, automate the mundane, and keep you effortlessly organized.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $8
  • $15


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