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Explore MagicForm, an AI-driven quiz generator that simplifies test creation for educators, HR teams, and publishers in just a few clicks

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About MagicForm

MagicForm: The Future of Quiz Creation with AI

Creating quizzes and tests can be a time-consuming process for educators, HR teams, and publishers alike. Enter MagicForm, an AI-powered quiz generator that simplifies quiz creation by turning text into ready-to-use quizzes in Google Forms.

Effortless Quiz Generation in Two Simple Steps

MagicForm streamlines the quiz creation process with an intuitive two-step approach:

Step 1: Get Text

Copy and paste text from any source, such as Wikipedia, PDF books, or web articles, into MagicForm.

Step 2: Enter Info and Generate

Provide the required information, including pasting the text, entering the desired number of questions, and choosing the question type. Click «Generate,» and MagicForm will automatically generate quiz questions based on the provided text.

Diverse Applications for Various Users

MagicForm is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of users:

Teachers and Schools

Educators can avoid reusing the same set of questions year after year by generating new question sets in just minutes. MagicForm makes it easy for teachers to create engaging quizzes for their students.

HR Teams

HR professionals can create assessments from compliance documents in record time. Whenever policy changes occur, MagicForm allows for the quick creation of updated tests.

Publishers and Edtech Companies

Textbook publishers and edtech companies can save time and money by using MagicForm to automate their assessment creation process instead of relying on outsourced teams.

Unleash the Power of AI in Google Forms

MagicForm is designed to work seamlessly with Google Forms, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface for quiz creation. Users can enjoy the benefits of AI-driven quiz generation while working within the Google ecosystem.

Benefits of MagicForm's AI-Powered Quiz Generator

MagicForm offers numerous advantages to users:

  • Save Time: Quickly create quizzes without manually crafting each question, allowing more time for other tasks.
  • Customizable: Generate the desired number of questions and choose from various question types.
  • Versatile: Use text from any source, such as websites, PDFs, or books, as input for quiz creation.
  • Accessible: MagicForm's integration with Google Forms ensures a familiar and user-friendly experience.


In summary, MagicForm is a powerful AI-driven quiz generator that simplifies test creation for a wide range of users, including educators, HR teams, and publishers. With its seamless integration with Google Forms and intuitive two-step process, MagicForm revolutionizes quiz creation by saving time and effort. Experience the benefits of AI-powered quiz generation with MagicForm today.

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Pricing options

  • $8
  • $72
  • $299


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