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Maximize productivity with Loopin, an AI-driven tool designed to automate meeting preparation and follow-ups, manage tasks, and balance your workday efficiently

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About Loopin

Boost Productivity with Loopin: AI-Powered Meeting and Task Assistant

Streamline Your Meetings and Tasks for Maximum Efficiency

Loopin is an AI-driven productivity assistant designed to help you run productive meetings and manage tasks more efficiently. With a system that automates meeting preparation and follow-ups, Loopin allows you to focus on the conversation while it handles the rest.

Workspace for Important Meetings

Loopin provides a collaborative workspace that auto-organizes talking points, notes, and next steps, ensuring you and your team are always prepared. Say goodbye to searching through endless notes with Loopin's easy organization.

One List for All To-Dos

Capture tasks from anywhere and manage them in Loopin. Gain an aggregated view of all tasks—from meetings, emails, Slack, and popular work apps—so you always know what to work on next.

Balance Time Between Meetings and Tasks

Important work shouldn't wait until the end of the day. Plan productive workdays by blocking time for crucial tasks with Loopin's easy drag-and-drop feature. Prioritize your workload and accomplish more.

Automate Low Leverage Work

Make time for essential tasks and leave the busywork to Loopin. Automatically share meeting outcomes to keep your team aligned, assign action items with automated follow-ups, and eliminate unnecessary status update meetings.

AI Meets Calendar

Experience neatly formatted meeting summaries with updates and action items, without the need for manual note-taking. Access all relevant context from related meetings at your fingertips with Loopin's AI technology.

Seamless Integration with Popular Apps

Loopin works well with other apps to keep everyone in the loop, including:

  • Gmail: Convert emails into tasks and directly share notes with meeting participants.
  • Slack: Create tasks from Slack and auto-share meeting notes to a channel.
  • Zoom: Enhance remote collaboration with instant Zoom meetings and video recordings.
  • Notion: Send meeting notes to Notion to keep your project documents organized.
  • Asana: View and manage Asana tasks in Loopin; schedule time for them with ease.
  • Trello: View and manage Trello tasks in Loopin; block time for them effortlessly.

Coming Soon

  • Jira: Sync Jira tickets with Loopin and create new Jira tickets with ease.
  • Microsoft Office: Convert any email into a task and directly share notes with meeting members.

Reclaim Your Workday with Loopin

  1. Sign Up: Sign up with your Google Workspace account and provide calendar permissions. It's safe and free to try.
  2. Connect your apps: Integrate all your work apps to sync your tasks for better planning.
  3. Start Loopin: Experience a whole new way to run meetings and manage your tasks.

Embrace the power of Loopin, the AI-powered meeting and task assistant, to maximize your productivity and reclaim your workday.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $12
  • $16


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