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Experience AI-driven workout tracking with Liftz. Get personalized recommendations, adapt your workouts in real-time, and beat plateaus

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About Liftz

Maximize Your Fitness Goals with Liftz

In the world of fitness, progress tracking and adaptive training are crucial for achieving your goals. Liftz, an AI-powered workout tracking tool, offers gym enthusiasts an innovative way to enhance their workout regimen.

Lightning-Fast Workout Tracking

Liftz is designed to make workout logging as easy and quick as possible. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, gym-goers can swiftly input their sets, reps, and weights between exercises. This feature allows users to focus on their workouts without losing momentum due to cumbersome tracking processes. Liftz takes care of the logging, letting you concentrate on your gains.

AI-Powered Progressive Overload

One of the standout features of Liftz is its AI-powered progressive overload. The app provides intelligent progression suggestions, offering personalized recommendations for sets, reps, and weight increases. This feature eliminates the guesswork from your training, ensuring that you're always challenging yourself adequately for maximum gains.

Moreover, Liftz dynamically adjusts your workouts based on your logged performance. If the AI detects that an exercise is too easy or too challenging, it adapts the parameters in real-time to keep your workout effective and in line with your fitness goals.

Plateau Detection

Hitting a plateau can be discouraging for anyone on a fitness journey. But with Liftz, plateaus become a thing of the past. The smart app can identify when your progress has stalled and suggests alternative exercises to reignite your growth. This proactive approach keeps your fitness journey on an upward trajectory.

Comprehensive Data Tracking and Analysis

Liftz offers clear and comprehensive data tracking, providing insights into your workout history. With easy-to-read graphs and charts, you can visualize your progress over time. This visual feedback can help set realistic targets, monitor achievements, and stay motivated to reach new heights in your fitness journey.

In addition, Liftz offers in-depth performance analysis. By diving deep into your workout data, you can identify trends, strengths, and areas for improvement. This data-driven insight empowers you to fine-tune your training strategy for maximum results.


In the age of technology, AI-driven tools like Liftz are revolutionizing the way we approach fitness. By offering features like real-time workout adaptation, plateau detection, and comprehensive data analysis, Liftz is more than just a workout tracker—it's a personal fitness assistant. This innovative platform is designed to keep you focused on your gains while it takes care of the rest. Whether you're a gym enthusiast looking to maximize your gains or a beginner aiming to start strong, Liftz is your perfect fitness companion. Experience the future of workout tracking with Liftz and take your fitness journey to new heights.

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Pricing options

  • $20


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