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Discover Kaliber's end-to-end AI-powered surgical software solutions, enhancing endoscopic care by addressing surgical variability and streamlining pre-op to post-op stages

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About Kaliber

Introducing Kaliber: Transforming Endoscopic Surgical Care with AI-Powered Solutions

Kaliber is revolutionizing endoscopic surgical care with its next-generation, AI-powered solutions that address surgical variability and fragmentation in healthcare. The company aims to create an end-to-end suite of software tools that improve the surgical journey for patients, surgeons, and administrators alike.

Experience the advantages of Kaliber's AI-driven innovations:

  1. Preoperative: Kaliber is developing tools to streamline pre-op care, facilitating better communication and information-sharing between patients and their surgical teams. These tools will help address patients' questions and concerns before surgery, ensuring a smoother experience.
  2. Intraoperative: With real-time intraoperative AI, Kaliber is working on a robust surgical toolkit that includes surgical assistance in the operating room and surgeon feedback and analytics. These tools will help support more accurate, consistent, and efficient surgical performance.
  3. Postoperative: Kaliber's post-op tools in development include personalized reports with AI-labeled surgical imaging and videos that patients can refer to when discussing their progress with their surgical team and physical therapist. The platform will also offer patient monitoring and outcome tracking features.
  4. Physical Therapy: Kaliber's physical therapy solutions under development will provide shareable intraoperative imaging and videos that physical therapists can use to develop and adjust their patients' rehabilitation protocols. Patient outcome tracking tools will further support individualized care.

By building a comprehensive ecosystem of AI-powered surgical software solutions, Kaliber is poised to transform endoscopic surgery for every stakeholder. With a focus on more accurate and efficient surgical performance, streamlined surgical journeys, and personalized, evidence-based care, Kaliber is set to redefine the future of endoscopic surgical care.

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