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Improve productivity and engagement with Juno, the all-in-one employee wellbeing solution offering a global marketplace of meaningful benefits

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About Juno

Juno: Revolutionizing Employee Wellbeing and Productivity

A motivated, healthy, and engaged workforce forms the backbone of every successful organization. Juno, a global platform offering flexible access to a plethora of meaningful benefits, is here to transform your employees' work lives and improve your company's productivity and engagement rates.

What is Juno?

Juno is an all-encompassing employee wellbeing solution, designed to break the monotonous cycle of generic and unused benefits that many businesses still utilize. This platform recognizes that every employee is unique and offers a comprehensive marketplace of over 10,000 wellness-oriented services, ranging from therapy sessions to meditation apps, recipe kits, and spa treatments.

How Does Juno Work?

The Juno Marketplace

At the heart of Juno is a global marketplace. Employees can spend their Juno Points® on a variety of health and wellbeing products and services available in this marketplace. These points can be spent using the Juno Card® and Juno Flex Card®, which are also accepted by approved online retailers.

Easy Expenses

With Juno, employees can easily submit receipts for travel, childcare, equipment, and courses. Once approved, they receive cash, simplifying the typically convoluted process of expense claims.

Core Benefits Integration

Juno's platform allows companies to integrate their existing core benefits, such as healthcare, dental insurance, and pensions, into one place. This makes it easier for employees to manage their benefits, and businesses to administer them.

Rewards and Recognitions

Recognizing your team's efforts is crucial for maintaining morale and motivation. With Juno, employers can send Juno Points® to employees or let Juno find a bespoke gift, adding a personal touch to employee recognition.

Customizable Allowances

Juno lets businesses set specific allowances for things like learning and development or working from home expenses. This added flexibility is appreciated by employees, fostering satisfaction and retention.

The Impact of Juno on Employee Wellbeing

Juno's platform has been observed to increase wellbeing engagement by up to 92%. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 employees report feeling happier and healthier, and 80% say they would reconsider leaving their job after experiencing Juno's benefits.

Financial Efficiency with Juno

Juno's flexible benefits structure can help companies optimize their budget. Instead of paying for underutilized services such as health insurance or gym memberships, Juno provides employees with a plethora of options that they will genuinely love and be excited to use.

Join the Employee Wellbeing Pledge® with Juno

When businesses join Juno, they commit to four pledges that aim to improve employee wellbeing and replace unsatisfactory benefits. These pledges signify a business's commitment to employee wellbeing, improving its reputation as an employee-friendly workplace.


In conclusion, Juno provides a comprehensive solution for employee wellbeing, helping businesses to motivate and retain their staff effectively. It offers a flexible, engaging platform that caters to the unique needs of each employee, promoting happiness, health, and productivity. If you're looking to revolutionize your approach to employee wellbeing, consider integrating Juno into your HR processes.

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Pricing options

  • $6


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