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Discover Hippocratic AI, the leading healthcare-focused language learning model prioritizing patient safety, accurate information, and compassionate interaction

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About Hippocratic AI

Embracing the Future of Healthcare with Hippocratic AI

Emerging technologies are radically transforming healthcare, and at the forefront of this revolution is Hippocratic AI. This advanced language learning model (LLM) is specifically designed to enhance healthcare accessibility, equity, and outcomes.

Introducing Hippocratic AI

Hippocratic AI represents a paradigm shift in the application of AI in healthcare. Unlike most language models that pre-train on the vast and often inaccurate common crawl of the Internet, Hippocratic AI focuses on trusted, evidence-based content, ensuring accuracy and safety.

In fact, Hippocratic AI has proven its superiority by outperforming GPT-4 on 105 out of 114 healthcare exams and certifications. However, Hippocratic AI is not resting on its laurels; instead, it aims to improve continually.

The Safety Focus of Hippocratic AI

Recognizing the potential pitfalls of AI in healthcare, Hippocratic AI makes safety its primary focus. A unique Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback process, termed RLHF-HP, is employed to train and validate the model's readiness for deployment. This process involves healthcare professionals, ensuring that the model is only released when a large number of licensed professionals deem it safe.

A Compassionate Approach to Healthcare AI

But it's not just about accuracy and safety. Hippocratic AI acknowledges that bedside manner matters in healthcare. A caring and compassionate interaction has been shown to impact emotional well-being and health outcomes positively. To ensure this, Hippocratic AI is developing an objective evaluation system to instill a caring approach in their model, setting new benchmarks for AI in healthcare.

Built by Healthcare Professionals for Healthcare

Hippocratic AI is not just a product of artificial intelligence researchers, but a collaborative effort involving physicians, hospital administrators, payor experts from renowned institutions like El Camino Health System, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Washington University in St. Louis, The University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Google, and Nvidia.

Upholding Healthcare Safety Principles

While AI shows promise in transforming healthcare, Hippocratic AI acknowledges that AI is not ready to make clinical diagnoses. It also prioritizes privacy, protecting all health data using Safe Harbor HIPAA standards. Furthermore, it upholds the philosophy of the Hippocratic Oath, only surfacing evidence-based recommendations aligned to the highest standards of care.


Hippocratic AI represents the epitome of safety-focused AI for healthcare. Its commitment to evidence-based content, patient safety, and compassionate interaction sets it apart. As a model developed by healthcare professionals for healthcare, it's uniquely positioned to augment and transform the healthcare sector, leading to improved healthcare access, equity, and outcomes. With its safe and ethical approach, Hippocratic AI is truly pioneering the future of AI in healthcare.

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