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Boost your Amazon listings with Helium 10 AI-Enhanced Listing Builder. Streamline content creation, optimize listings, and save time with AI

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About Helium 10

Revolutionize Your Amazon Listings with Helium 10 AI-Enhanced Listing Builder

Helium 10 presents the innovative AI-Enhanced Listing Builder, designed to streamline your Amazon product listings' creation and optimization process. Leveraging the power of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) via ChatGPT, this tool not only simplifies content creation but also augments the quality, helping your products stand out in the bustling Amazon marketplace.

Unleash the Power of AI-Enhanced Listing Builder

The Listing Builder revolutionizes the Amazon listing process, harnessing the power of AI to create professional, engaging, and brand-centric content. By automatically generating product titles, bullet points, and descriptions based on relevant keywords and product characteristics, the tool saves significant time and effort.

Brand-Centric Content Creation

Easily integrate your brand name into the product title and create content that reflects your brand's uniqueness. By promoting your brand's visibility, recognition, and trust among potential customers, the tool aids in shaping a solid brand identity on Amazon.

Tailor-Made Content for Your Audience

The tool empowers you to set the tone of your listing according to your product category and target audience, fostering a deeper connection with your customers.

Automated Copywriting Process

Listing Builder automates key content creation processes, offering customized recommendations to streamline your operations. By eliminating guesswork and generic copy, you can focus more on your core business operations.

How the AI-Enhanced Listing Builder Works

Achieving success on Amazon hinges on an optimized product listing. Whether language barriers hamper your listings or keyword research perplexes you, the Listing Builder has you covered.

The tool enables you to highlight your main keywords in phrase form, ensuring your listing is indexed appropriately. Beyond keyword optimization, it lets you input unique product characteristics like specific uses or features that might not appear in keywords, enhancing the effectiveness of the listing.

Furthermore, the Listing Builder provides a host of features including editing or removing title keywords, selecting tone for different categories, adding brand name in the title, excluding specific characters/words, accessing historical AI-generated content, accessing search volume, related products, and CPR, and evaluating the strength of your listing.

User-Friendly Listing Customization

Listing Builder takes customization to the next level. It automates brand name placement based on indexed keywords, allowing you to decide the placement of your brand name. Considering your target audience, you can select the tone of your listing or even avoid certain words or competitor brand names.

Unlike a rigid system, if you're unsatisfied with the generated product title, the tool can continually generate new ones until you are content. The same customization ability extends to bullet points and descriptions, making the tool incredibly adaptable.


With the advent of AI-enhanced tools like the Helium 10 Listing Builder, we are stepping into the future of e-commerce. Automating and enhancing listing creation, this tool ushers in a new era of efficiency and precision. Say goodbye to manual guesswork and welcome a streamlined, AI-driven content creation process that makes your Amazon listings shine.

Please note: While the tool strives for accuracy, we recommend reviewing and editing the generated content to ensure it meets your specific needs. As the seller, you are responsible for the accuracy and legality of your Amazon listings. Embrace the power of AI today with the Helium 10 Listing Builder and transform your Amazon listing experience.

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Pricing options

  • $29
  • $79
  • $229


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