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Glass Health is an AI-powered platform for medical knowledge management, designed to assist clinicians in providing exceptional patient care and accelerate clinical mastery

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About Glass Health

Glass Health: Transforming Medical Learning with AI-Powered Solutions

Glass Health is an innovative AI-powered platform designed for medical knowledge management and clinical decision-making. It aims to help clinicians provide better patient care while accelerating their clinical mastery.

AI-Powered Notebook for Doctors

Glass Health's AI-Powered Notebook is specifically designed for medical professionals, making it the perfect tool for managing and expanding their medical knowledge.

Generate DDx and Clinical Plans

With the help of Glass AI, clinicians can generate differential diagnoses (DDx) and clinical plans, ensuring they make well-informed decisions for their patients.

Access Community Library

Glass Health users can access a community library of shared medical knowledge, allowing them to learn from their peers and contribute to a collective understanding of clinical medicine.

Enhance Clinical Mastery

Glass Health is optimized for understanding and retention, enabling clinicians to build and maintain their medical knowledge efficiently.

Capture and Connect Learning

The platform's notetaking system is designed specifically for clinical medicine, allowing users to make the most of every case and didactic experience.

Share Medical Knowledge

Clinicians can effortlessly share schemas, scripts, and cases with their colleagues and trainees, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Additional Features

Quick Drop Pearls

Capture and sort knowledge pearls that surface on busy days, linking them to relevant pages later for easy access.

Log Cases

Deepen and refine your knowledge by logging learning points from cases, allowing for continuous improvement and reflection.

Link Pages

Connect concepts and pages together to reflect and navigate sophisticated mental models with ease.

Share Pages

Effortlessly share knowledge with colleagues in a clean and simple format, enhancing collaboration and learning.

Evernote Import

Import your existing notes from Evernote, with more integrations coming soon for seamless knowledge management.


Glass Health is a revolutionary AI-powered platform that empowers medical professionals to manage and expand their clinical knowledge effectively. Its features, such as the AI-Powered Notebook, community library, and notetaking system, make it an invaluable resource for clinicians looking to enhance patient care and accelerate their clinical mastery. Experience the future of medical learning with Glass Health.

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