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Experience seamless voice-controlled coding with GitHub Copilot Voice, enabling developers to write, edit, and navigate code effortlessly

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About GitHub Copilot Voice

Discover Hands-free Programming with GitHub Copilot Voice

Typing can sometimes be a hurdle for developers, especially those with difficulty or discomfort using a keyboard. GitHub Copilot Voice, formerly known as «Hey, GitHub!», revolutionizes the coding experience by enabling developers to write, edit, and navigate code using their voice.

Effortless Code Writing and Editing

GitHub Copilot Voice simplifies the code-writing process by allowing developers to express their intent in natural language. The AI-powered assistant then suggests a relevant code snippet based on the given instructions. If the generated code isn't suitable, developers can request a change in plain English, making the process of writing and editing code smooth and efficient.

Seamless Code Navigation

Gone are the days of relying on a mouse or arrow keys for code navigation. With GitHub Copilot Voice, developers can easily navigate their codebase by issuing voice commands such as «go to line 34,» «go to method X,» or «go to the next block.»

Control the IDE with Voice Commands

GitHub Copilot Voice provides seamless integration with VisualStudio Code, allowing developers to execute commands like «toggle zen mode» or «run the program» using their voice. This hands-free approach to controlling the IDE enhances productivity and accessibility for developers.

Code Summarization for Improved Understanding

Understanding complex code can be challenging, but GitHub Copilot Voice simplifies this process with its code summarization feature. Developers can ask Copilot Voice to explain specific lines or blocks of code, and the AI-powered assistant will provide a clear, concise summary of what the code does.

Unlock a New World of Coding with GitHub Copilot Voice

GitHub Copilot Voice transforms the coding experience by enabling developers to write, edit, and navigate code using their voice. With its powerful AI-backed features, developers can work more efficiently, focus on delivering high-quality code, and overcome the barriers that traditional keyboard-based coding can present.

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Pricing options

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