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Unlock your academic potential with Geleza AI, an innovative platform designed for high school and college students to simplify learning and ace exams

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About Geleza AI

Geleza AI: Revolutionizing Learning for High School and College Students

Geleza AI is an AI-driven learning platform designed to simplify learning and exam preparation for high school and college students. Offering a wide range of tools and resources, Geleza AI is the ultimate learning companion for students.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions

Geleza AI utilizes multiple AI models to:

  • Understand students' study patterns
  • Provide homework assistance
  • Write essays, letters, and reports
  • Generate practice exams

With Geleza AI, students can manage their learning, access resources, and engage with professional tutors for personalized assistance.

Key Features of Geleza AI

PrepPal — Exam Tools

PrepPal, an AI tool designed to help students prepare for exams, offers customized practice tests and valuable insights.

Zeda Chat

Similar to ChatGPT, Zeda Chat is an AI-powered chat tool with unique features and personalities to engage students and enhance their learning experience.

Zeda Writer

Powered by AI, Zeda Writer simplifies the process of writing essays, letters, and reports.

Assignment Writer

Geleza AI assists students in writing assignments, making the process more efficient and enjoyable.

The Library

Access a vast collection of resources, including facts, articles, and more, to support students in their learning journey.

Smart Tools

Geleza AI offers a suite of smart tools such as a task manager, document manager, and study notes to help students stay organized.

Global Access and Professional Support

Geleza AI is accessible to students worldwide, ensuring that they can learn and prepare for exams from any location. Professional tutors are readily available to provide guidance and support whenever students need help with their lessons.


Geleza AI, a product of Reavize Enterprises, is revolutionizing learning for high school and college students by offering an AI-driven platform that simplifies education and exam preparation. With a range of innovative features and tools, Geleza AI empowers students to achieve their academic goals and dreams. Start your learning journey with Geleza AI today and unlock your full academic potential.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $7.50


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