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Experience Gatherly, an AI-driven platform revolutionizing the virtual event landscape with interactive networking and streamlined event planning

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About Gatherly

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Gatherly is a game-changer, providing a unique platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to design and conduct exceptional remote events.

Making Event Planning Effortless

Planning an event can be an arduous task. From designing the agenda to organizing logistics, it can be overwhelming. Gatherly simplifies this process by incorporating AI into the planning process. Whether it's a conference, networking event, or a community social, Gatherly's AI capabilities make creating memorable events much more manageable. The platform provides auto-generated agendas, pre-built virtual venues, and AI-coordinated logistics to give hosts a better experience with a fraction of the work.

Recreating In-Person Interactions

Gatherly isn't just about event planning—it's about replicating the magic of in-person interactions. Its unique map feature allows attendees to network freely and interact naturally. This feature enables participants to move in and out of discussions, facilitating spontaneous conversations and networking opportunities.

Tools for Success

Gatherly's AI planner is just the beginning. The platform is feature-rich, providing all the tools needed to create a successful event. The map gallery offers a choice of maps for different occasions, with the option to let AI pick the best match. Every event comes with a customizable landing page, complete with a banner image, sponsor logos, and more. Moreover, the platform offers data analytics tools, helping hosts to visualize traffic over time and collect individual attendee data.

Transforming Remote Community Building

From learning and development workshops to recruiting events, Gatherly is transforming how we build remote communities. Its tried-and-true templates and AI-driven features make event planning seamless, enabling organizations to focus on what's essential—connecting with their community.


In the digital era, the way we interact and network has drastically evolved. With platforms like Gatherly, creating engaging virtual events is no longer a challenge but an exciting opportunity. Gatherly’s use of AI to streamline event planning, coupled with its intuitive platform that promotes natural interaction, makes it the perfect solution for remote community building. Experience the revolution of virtual events with Gatherly today, and see how it makes event planning a breeze and networking a joy.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $500
  • $1500


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