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GPUx offers seamless deployment for Dockerized applications, autoscale inference, and monetization opportunities with industry-grade datacenters

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About GPUx

GPUx: Accelerate Deployments and Maximize Efficiency

Discover GPUx, the ultimate platform for deploying Dockerized applications, running autoscale inference, and monetizing your services. Experience the benefits of industry-grade datacenters, built-in storage, and serverless edge capabilities.

Seamless Docker Integration

Run your applications using public DockerHub or push templates to GPUx's private storage. Effortlessly deploy containers and manage your deployments, increasing efficiency and reducing time-to-market.

Autoscale Inference for Optimal Performance

With GPUx, deploy private models or earn per public request. Leverage the platform's powerful autoscale inference capabilities to dynamically scale resources, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

Versatile Deployment Options

GPUx supports a variety of applications, such as Blender and Jupyter Notebook, enabling you to deploy and run your workloads effortlessly.

Industry-Grade Datacenters for Reliability

Your workloads run in dependable, industry-grade datacenters through GPUx or its partners, ensuring reliability and security for your deployments.

Track Your Cluster and Utilization

Stay informed about your spend and resource utilization with GPUx's tracking capabilities. Make informed decisions and optimize your deployments for cost-effectiveness.

Built-In Storage for Persistent Data

Utilize GPUx's built-in storage to easily persist data across pods, streamlining your workflow and minimizing data loss.

Serverless Edge for Enhanced Applications

Run video media, AI inference, or live streaming applications off GPUx's serverless edge, offering a fast, secure, and reliable solution for your business needs.

Monetize Your Services with Ease

Get your business up and running quickly with GPUx's monetization options. Earn per inference or by providing resources, maximizing your revenue potential.

Synchronized Podded Training

Efficiently train your network or transcode video in a pod, then transfer the result to the serverless edge for seamless integration and deployment.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of GPUx

GPUx offers a comprehensive solution for deploying Dockerized applications, running autoscale inference, and monetizing your services. With its seamless integration, industry-grade datacenters, built-in storage, and serverless edge capabilities, GPUx empowers you to maximize efficiency, performance, and revenue potential. Embrace the power of GPUx and transform your deployment workflow today.

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Pricing options

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