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Experience personalized fitness with FitGenius AI's tailored workout routines and meal plans designed for your unique lifestyle and dietary preferences

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About FitGenius AI

Embrace Personalized Fitness with FitGenius AI

Fitness is a personal journey, and FitGenius AI is the perfect companion to guide you along the path. This AI-driven fitness app creates tailored workout routines and meal plans based on your unique goals, lifestyle, and dietary requirements. Whether your objective is weight loss, muscle building, or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle, FitGenius AI is here to offer a fully customized experience.

AI-Generated Workout Routines

FitGenius AI stands out with its AI-generated workout routines. Upon entering your goals and fitness level, the advanced AI algorithms get to work, generating a workout routine tailored specifically for you. These are not generic workout plans; each routine is designed considering your current fitness level and the goals you aim to achieve. This personalized approach helps make workouts more effective and less prone to causing injuries.

Personalized Meal Plans

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in any fitness journey. Recognizing this, FitGenius AI provides personalized meal plans that take into account your dietary preferences and restrictions. Whether you're a vegetarian, have specific allergies, or are on a keto diet, the app crafts a meal plan that suits your requirements, all while ensuring the necessary nutritional balance to support your workouts and overall health.

Progress Tracking and Adaptive Adjustments

FitGenius AI isn't just a one-off planner; it's a fitness companion that evolves with you. The app keeps track of your progress and makes adaptive adjustments to your workout routines and meal plans as you advance. This feature ensures that you stay challenged and engaged, preventing plateauing and fostering continuous improvement in your fitness journey.

Access to a Supportive Community

When the going gets tough, a supportive community can be a motivating force. FitGenius AI grants you access to a community of fellow fitness enthusiasts. You can share your journey, exchange tips, ask questions, and even find workout buddies. This community aspect adds a layer of social motivation to keep you on track.

Start Your Journey with FitGenius AI

Getting started with FitGenius AI is simple. Download the app, fill in your details, specify your goals, and let the AI do the rest. Say goodbye to generic fitness plans and say hello to a fitness journey that's uniquely yours.


FitGenius AI is revolutionizing the world of fitness with its personalized approach. By using advanced AI technology, it offers tailored workout routines and meal plans that evolve with your progress. Its supportive community adds a layer of motivation, making FitGenius AI more than just an app — it's your ultimate personal fitness companion. Embark on your fitness journey today with FitGenius AI and unlock your full fitness potential. Personalized fitness is the future, and with FitGenius AI, the future is here.

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Pricing options

  • Free
  • $2.49
  • $3.99
  • $6.99


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